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MicroNet MaxNAS 2.5TB Server Review

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WebDisk User Interface:

The MaxNAS presents a different user interface depending on which account you log in under. Everything we've looked at so far has covered the pages used for configuring the unit when you log in under the system administrator account. Once an account has been set up, regular users can also log in to the MaxNAS and access shares and files based on the access control list.

Earlier in the Network/Service section we saw options for enabling WebDisk and Secure WebDisk. With these services activated, a user can access files normally or in a secured mode. Pointing your browser to http://MaxNAS-IP, where “MaxNAS-IP” is the IP address of the server, will take you to the login screen. Alternatively, you could use a secure connection by using https://MaxNAS-IP. Since the unit uses a self-signed certificate for secure connections you may see warning messages from your browser warning about the dangers of accepting the certificate.

Once you have logged in you will see the WebDisk page listing all the shares/folders to which you have access. Also at the top of the window are two icons; the orange key will allow you to change your user password and the other, resembling a door, allows you to log off and exit. You can click on a folder name to view all the subfolders and files in the share. Across the top of the page there are four buttons that will allow you to move back to the previous level, create a new folder, upload a new file or delete an item from the list. The 'New folder,' 'New file (upload)' and 'Delete selected items' buttons will be visible only for users with write permission to the share.
















WebDisk is a very basic file manager and has a few limitations. You can not use it to rename files or move files from one folder to another and the upload feature is limited to a single file at a time. If you have more than a handful of files to load you are better off using FTP or your client computer's file manager to copy multiple files. If you choose to delete a file using the Delete selected items function there is no warning message asking you to confirm the delete, so make sure you want to delete the item as the MaxNAS doesn't have a recycle bin.

Next it's time to take a look at the features and specifications before we check out the performance results.

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