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Microsoft Flight Simulator X Deluxe Game Review



Microsoft has put together a solid game with the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator X. This game has a great number of features that make it exciting to play. I would recommend this game to those of you who really enjoy flying. Obviously there are times when this game can get a bit boring, lets face it cruising at 30,000 feet in 747 is not as exciting as getting a fighter jet down at tree top level or flying a helicopter up the Vegas strip at night time. Where the enjoyment comes in with FSX is the ability to take off and explore different areas of the world that one would normally never see. I found myself on long flights using the autopilot a lot as well as speeding up time to make the flight go faster. As stated earlier the game is in real time, so if it takes 3 hours in the real world to fly somewhere, then, inversely in the game it will take 3 hours, thus the reason for speeding up time. Landings and takeoff are the most fun when playing alone, but going online and flying in formation is amazing.


  • Great Graphics
  • Great Simulation
  • Very Realistic
  • Real Time
  • Huge Selection of Planes


  • Very Demanding On Hardware
  • Long Load Times
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