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Speed-Link Medusa 5.1 Home Edition (SL-8796) Headset Review



Well, this headset has left me somewhat disappointed.  Some of the headset's drivers (speakers) work very well (the sub and main left and right channels), whereas the centre and rear speakers are so incredibly awful that the 5.1 experience is worse than a stereo headset in almost all situations.  I still use the headset for VoIP applications like Skype, but for gaming I have reverted to my Sennheiser HD280Pro stereo headphones for the much more natural and engaging sound at the cost of having to go without the headset mic of the Medusa 5.1 Home Edition.  I'm quite surprised that the 30mm drivers (centre and rear) cannot produce any bass, but either way, I was expecting a much more even and consistent audio delivery from any direction.  If the Medusa 5.1 had more evenly matched drivers I think the headset would be fairly near to unbeatable, but as it is, it sounds as though it has not been thorougly tested and almost like a prototype model.


  • High quality, full bodied sound (from stereo sources) and crystal-clear microphone
  • Capable of being driven at loud levels without distortion
  • Folding design and detachable microphone for easy transport
  • Integrates into your current PC sound system
  • Amp doubles as a stand for the headset


  • The tinny centre and rear speakers creates an unnatural sound-field with areas completely devoid of bass
  • No solution provided in the manual for the centre/subwoofer problem on Creative cards
  • Drastic bass and EQ changes means you have to change the soundcard settings when switching to speakers
  • Not really a 5.1 solution, and in many cases, worse than a stereo headset/headphones


  1. Introduction
  2. Closer Look
  3. Installation / Set-up
  4. Specifications & Test Hardware
  5. Testing
  6. Conclusion
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