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ASUS M3N78 Pro Review

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Closer Look:

To me, the BIOS is one of the most important parts of a motherboard. If the board is high quality and has a lot of features, but a weak BIOS, then the whole thing is a waste and - vice versa. Being an enthusiast, I live to push my hardware to its breaking point. I want to know exactly how much I can squeeze out on my components to gain the maximum in performance and efficiency. ASUS has always had strong BIOS programs in the past, so I am interested in seeing what they did for the M3N78 Pro. First, I am going to take a look at the basic features of the BOIS, and then I will look deeper at the overclocking features.



The Main section allows you to set the date and time, configure the disks being used in the system, and view system information, such as the BIOS version.







The Power section is where you set up the power states of the system, such as S1 and S3, wake on LAN and more. Here, you also set how the hardware monitors voltage, temperature, fan speeds and what alarms go off at prescribed thresholds.




Boot & Tools:

In the Boot section, the user can set the disk priority for startup, as well as adjust the security settings to require a password upon entering the BIOS. The Tools area lets you save or load profiles for the BIOS, which is great when overclocking - as you can have one profile for standard settings, and one for overclocked settings, without having to manually change them each time. Also in the Tool section is the ASUS EZ Flash 2 program. EZ Flash 2 makes updating the BIOS as easy as entering the program, selecting the update from any disk, and running the update.





Now let's swing over and take a look at the Advanced section.

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