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Super Talent Luxio 64GB High-Capacity Luxury USB Drive Review

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The first thing one will see when plugging the Super Talent Luxio will be two new partitions. Exploring the first one will reveal two .pdf files and another one named "SecureLock". One of the .pdf files is the user manual for the SecureLock application. It explains every function in detail. The other one is the Luxio USB frequently asked questions.










The SecureLock application has two main functions. The first one is the ablitity to partition the USB thumb drive in the desired size. Beware though, because partitioning will format the drive, therefore erasing all data on it, so one must backup all his data before. Secondly, a password can be set to protect the second partition, which is hardware encrypted. This means there is a small dedicated chip inside the thumb drive that encrypts data. This method is far more secure than software encryption. Also, if five consecutive failed attempts to enter the password are made, the data will be automatically erased.



Here, in the first screenshot, the second partition has been locked. As one can see, it cannot be accessed anymore; it then calls itself a 0 byte full partition. Once unlocked, it will then display its real size and be accessible.



Overall, the Super Talent is a very secure way of protecting important data. Now, let's run our benchmarks to see what kind of performance it can deliver.


  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Configuration
  3. Specifications
  4. Testing: Flash Memory Toolkit
  5. Testing: Flash Memory Toolkit Continued
  6. Testing: SiSoft Sandra
  7. Testing: Custom Files
  8. Conclusion
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