Luxa2 P1 7000mAh High Capacity Battery & Charger Review

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Reviewed on: May 20, 2013
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LUXA2 P1 7000mAh High Capacity Battery & Charger Introduction:

It seems that portability has been the word on the streets these last few years. The North American social landscape is the perfect example, since everyone is pretty much "connected" full time via a smartphone, a tablet, or an Ultrabook — soon smart-glasses will probably be the trend. Most of the social interactions are channeled through "Social Networking" applications, with all the pros and cons that come with this dependence. The professional aspects of our daily lives are also closely dependent on the readiness of the portable devices we use to answer calls, respond to emails, retweet tweets, and so on. The public enemy in this case is what I call the "low battery syndrome", and it spares no one. It affects everyone with a low battery notification that somehow managed to forget the charger at home and cannot figure out how to charge their device for the day.  Does this sound like a nightmare for some of you? Well fear not, since LUXA2, which is a division of the renowned Thermaltake, may just have the item that will save the day!

Today I will present you the LUXA2 P1 7000mAh High Capacity Battery & Charger. This portable power bank is made by LUXA2, a division of Thermaltake, which focuses essentially on portable devices accessories. The company offers an extensive lineup of products including cases, car mounts, sleeves, screen protectors, bags, headphones, and even high end HTPC enclosures. The LUXA2 P1 7000mAh High Capacity Battery & Charger stands up as the only external charging solution offered. Aimed at the always on-the-go crowd, this unit offers a sleek design, solid but lightweight construction, high charging capacity, and dual USB port connectivity to charge up to two devices at the same time. The LUXA2 P1 7000mAh High Capacity Battery & Charger competes against other offerings on the market, some of which are suspiciously identical in terms of looks, especially TeckNet’s iEP387 7000mAh Dual-Port 2.1Amp External Battery Pack and Charger. At the time of this review, the USA version of Thermaltake's online store does not seem to carry the product; the $46.99 price tag you see above is what the unit goes for in the usual channels after a quick online search.

Closer Look:

The LUXA2 P1 7000mAh High Capacity Battery & Charger comes in a slim plastic box with a clear window on the front that lets a potential buyer see the unit in all its glory. The design is well thought out and gives away one of the main characteristics of the unit: the ability to charge two devices at the same time. Imprinted on the lower part of the window is the name of the unit and a “Stay powered all the time!” tag.  On the bottom right side, it’s stated that the LUXA2 P1 7000mAh High Capacity Battery & Charger is made for iPod, iPhone, and iPad. While this is true, this charger will also work with most of the portable devices available on the market. To the left side of the window, three facts are stated about the unit: it can charge an iPhone 3.5 times, it can charge an iPad to 78% capacity, and it provides dual-port output.

The back of the box provides more details about the LUXA2 P1 7000mAh High Capacity Battery & Charger. Among the listed details, we can see the 7000mAh capacity of the Li-Polymer battery, the input/output values, the 112 x 73 x 17.1 mm size, and the 250 g approximate weight.  A small picture of the unit with a legend detailing the different elements and connectivity options is located towards the middle. The bottom lists the contents of the package.








Aside from the quick reference pamphlet, the LUXA2 P1 7000mAh High Capacity Battery & Charger comes bundled with a black Micro-USB to USB cable designed to charge the unit. Since no dedicated wall adapter is included, the cable can be connected to a PC USB port or to a compatible adapter belonging to another device as long as it provides 5V, 1A max. Also included is a white Dock Connector to USB cable designed for connectivity with Apple products. Finally, we find a black nylon pouch that’s far from being soft or sturdy. I would advise against using it to carry anything, especially a pricey item! The seams busted just by handling the thing, I wasn’t even trying to test its strength.


The LUXA2 P1 7000mAh High Capacity Battery & Charger is a fairly compact unit measuring 112 x 73 x 17.1 mm. The plastic housing feels very sturdy and should protect the unit against any abuse it may be subjected to inside of a laptop bag pocket. The smooth lines and overall finish of the unit make it look very attractive. The LUXA2 logo, the chrome button, and the blue indicator led lights are great accents that add to the sleek appearance of the unit. The bottom of the unit is equipped with four small rubber feet that provide some stability and prevent sliding on smooth surfaces. On one of the short sides of the unit are located three connectivity ports: a 5V/1A rated Micro-USB port used to charge the LUXA2 P1 7000mAh High Capacity Battery & Charger, and two standard USB ports used to charge up to two devices simultaneously. These ports are rated at 5V/1A which may seem lacking in terms of output since most high end portable devices support 2.1A input for faster charging.




The LUXA2 P1 7000mAh High Capacity Battery & Charger has great looks and pretty solid build quality. Will it have enough juice to quench my power thirsty Samsung Galaxy Note II? Keep reading!

LUXA2 P1 7000mAh High Capacity Battery & Charger Specifications:

Product Name
P1 7000mAh High Capacity Battery & Charger
Height: 112 mm (4.4 inches)
Width:  73  mm (2.8 inches)
Depth:  17  mm (0.7 inches)
178 g / 0.4 lbs
Power Capacity
7000 mAh
Micro USB Input
5V, 1A
Battery type
Recharge Time
6 ~ 8 Hours
Package Contents
P1 7000 mAh
Micro USB Cable
Apple authorized 30 pin to USB cable


LUXA2 P1 7000mAh High Capacity Battery & Charger Features:


All information courtesy of LUXA2 @

LUXA2 P1 7000mAh High Capacity Battery & Charger Testing:

For the purpose of this review, the LUXA2 P1 7000mAh High Capacity Battery & Charger will be used to charge a Samsung Galaxy Note II smart phone. The large screen of the Note II is a battery killer, which is why Samsung opted for a 3100mAh capacity battery. The quad core processor and graphics chip will also draw higher than normal power depending on the usage. Knowing that I use my phone quite heavily, I'm so far pleased with the battery life/usage ratio of the Note II. More battery life is always welcome, especially when the charger is not available, or when there is simply no power plug around.

Testing system:

Testing settings:



To test the LUXA2 P1 7000mAh High Capacity Battery & Charger, I first charged it fully as instructed by the manufacturer in the quick reference guide. It took 7 hours and 15 minutes to get four solid blue lights on the unit, this is well within the 8 hours average claimed by the manufacturer. It’s pretty much an overnight process if one would start using the charger on a regular basis. Charging the unit from a PC USB port or by plugging the cable into a compatible wall adapter did not affect the duration of the charge, which is mainly due to the 1A input limitation. The unit did not seem to generate any noticeable heat while charging; neither did I notice any noise from it. 

At the time of this review, I did not have access to any Apple products so I decided to use my trusted Samsung Galaxy Note II which has an insanely efficient 3100mAh battery. The LUXA2 P1 7000mAh High Capacity Battery & Charger managed to charge it 1.65 times. The full charge took approximately 3 hours and 40 minutes starting from a depleted battery with the WIFI turned on/screen turned off when the Note II came back to life after a few minutes. The charging times makes sense knowing that the output from the USB ports is limited to 1A each. I could still use my phone while it charged, but I found it quite a hassle to pay attention to the cable and make sure that the two devices did not disconnect.

I am a heavy user when it comes to my Note II, and even then I usually need to charge it every 1.5 days. Under mild usage it could last up to 3 days without dropping under 20%. A fully charged LUXA2 P1 7000mAh High Capacity Battery & Charger will translate into almost a week of mild usage which is pretty solid performance. The slow charging times may inconvenience some users, especially with other offerings out there that are capable of providing full 2.1A charging power in the same price range.

LUXA2 P1 7000mAh High Capacity Battery & Charger Conclusion:

The LUXA2 P1 7000mAh High Capacity Battery & Charger is a sleek looking and solidly built piece of hardware. The silver unit I reviewed delivered exactly what it claimed, with the only casualty being the carrying pouch that did not survive normal usage. Equipped with a 7000mAh battery and two USB charging ports, it will provide multiple full charges for smaller portable devices (such as iPhones) and a decent percentage of on-screen time for more power-demanding tablets. The shape and weight of the LUXA2 P1 7000mAh High Capacity Battery & Charger makes it fit easily into any regular laptop bag without much fuss. 

My only grief with the product is the 1A input/output limitation which translates in very slow charging times on devices that support 2.1A input. It’s true that you can still use a device being charged if you don’t mind being tethered for a while, but I personally found it to be a hassle. Also, the branding of the LUXA2 P1 7000mAh High Capacity Battery & Charger is heavily oriented towards Apple products and may cause owners of other types of devices to look elsewhere.