LTB Magnum 5.1 USB Headphones

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LTB Audio
LTB Audio
Price: 99.99


Listen To Believe. Sometimes that’s all you need to do to be sold on a product. This also happens to be the full name of the company LTB Audio, and their newest product is the Magnum 5.1 USB Headphones.

LTB, which stands for Listen To Believe, represents a product line focused on providing cutting edge audio headphones designed to meet the demands of the latest digital media in Games and Movies as well as music and discrete 5.1 Audio. LTB was formed in 2002 and released the Mentor Series 5.1 Headphone products. LTB is quickly becoming recognized in gaming circles and game centers around the planet.  The company controls various key technology patents, including Safebass, a safe resonance technology designed to limit bass pressure levels to within responsible limits. LTB engineers are continuously making strides in new technologies to enhance digital audio headphones. This winter, LTB will bring to market a new series of wireless headphones and audio products enabling digital quality audio and full duplex communication.  LTB will showcase these products at the 2007 CES show in Las Vegas this upcoming January.  For more information, visit LTB at

Closer Look

The Magnum 5.1 USB headphones come packaged in a clear plastic box, so right off the shelf you can see what type of product you are looking at. The silver earpieces are the first things to catch your eye. Glancing at the labeling you will notice that they are USB headphones and have a built in microphone. To me, this is a plus from the get go; I hate having a microphone hanging around my mouth (it makes it really hard to drink my favorite caffeinated beverage).

When you flip the box around, its insert will give you all of the specs.

As you open the package, you will find that the headphones are very lightweight and adjustable. Built right into the left earpiece are the mute and volume buttons and the built in microphone. Since these are USB headphones, you will need to use the provided software drivers. Also included is a USB to Stereo converter. So get out your Ipod and enjoy.

The headphones come with a 1 year limited warranty and quick install guide.


The earpieces are cushioned for comfort. You will also notice that the cord connects to only one earpiece, unlike other designs where both earpieces are corded.


Installation is simple: insert the provided minidisk into your CD/DVD Rom and follow the instructions.

The software drivers are provided by C-Media.

“C-Media is one of the world's leading Independent Hardware Vendors in PC audio. C-Media audio solutions power the complete spectrum of PC audio peripheral products including PCI sound cards, USB  speakers and adapters, VOIP accessories and new wireless networked audio products.

C-Media solutions consist of both mixed-signal hardware and advanced DSP-based software driver technology.”


Net Weight:

Box Size:

30.0 GM (1.06 oz)

73x43x18 mm

New Safe Base Technology:




Power Source:



- 103 dB

S/N (Signal Noise)

> 80 dB

T.H.D. (Total Harmonic Distortion):


< 0.3 %

AC97 Decoder


Noise Canceling Internal

Cord Length:

7 ft.

Volume Control:

Yes, on Headset


PC, MAC, Notebook, Tablet PC

On Headset volume control (Displays level on screen)


The built in MIC works with these applications:

What is LTB TRUE 5.1?

The LTB 5.1 headphones are the world’s first innovative, multimedia headphone that utilizes 6 Independent Speaker Chambers (I.S.C.) and Safe Bass, patents to create rich 6 channel surround effects.

Since these headphones use LTB’s patents I will attach a pdf. file on the patents below.



Normally, I test headphones by putting them on and either listening to music or playing a game while talking on Teamspeak. This I did, but since the installed driver software had so many options to play with, I found myself tweaking for at least two hours.

First thing I did was click on the USB icon to bring up the window.

After the main window is brought up, you will have a plethora of options and many tabs that will help you customize these headphones any way you want.

Under the main settings tab, you can adjust the analog output from headphone to 8-speaker sound, and there is also a dropdown bar for digital. To the right is a test center so that you can hear the distinct differences while changing settings. Right next to the 8-speakers is a hammer icon which, if clicked, will bring up another window so you can swap outputs and use Bass Ennhancement.

The next tab is for the mixer. This is where you control the various volumes via the software, whether it is for master volume or recording. Under each slide bar is an icon that will mute each specific item. Blue is on and Gray is off.
We now come to the Effects Tab, which allows you to choose the environment, environment size and to either set your equalizer manually or to presets.

The Karaoke/Magic Voice tab is self-explanatory (it’s for recording). My best advice is to turn it on and play with it; there is so much you can achieve by tweaking it.

Last but not least is the Information Tab.

Ok now that your headphones are all set up and ready to go, what do you do? Wear them like your favorite old shirt. The first thing I did was to pull out my favorite playlist and listen to my favorite songs, Incredible! Even with the volume at max, there was no hissing noise that is usually experienced with other speakers when the volume is set to max and there is no sound. I listen to a lot of techno and I honestly heard some ambient sounds in the music that I never heard before.

My next project was to fire up Call of Duty 2. Could I hear the opponent’s footsteps before they were on top of me? Yes. Although they were clearer than other headphones I’ve used, they were at first hard to distinguish with all the other background noise of the game. It’s quite possible that I could overcome this with a little more tweaking.
LTB claims that these headphones work with many VOIP services, so I had to try them all and YES they do. Some require a little tweaking, like TeamSpeak and Ventrillo, but it was easy enough to fix with a minor change in the software. Be advised the built-in microphone will pick up the lowest sound or voice depending on how it is set. I recommend binding a key and use your push to talk features.


The Magnum 5.1 USB headphones are light and comfortable and offer full ear coverage. The one cord design is a plus as you don’t have to worry about choking yourself anymore. My favorite feature of these headphones has to be the built in microphone. No more adjusting or cracking yourself in the teeth every time you want to have something to drink. LTB has patented the technology used in these headphones and has put a great deal of time researching it. Quite clearly, these headphones are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to clarity, price, features and overall performance. I also had the opportunity to speak with LTB’s technical support department. They were kind, courteous, and willing to go the extra mile to satisfy a customer.


Another feature I did appreciate was the USB to stereo converter. If you hate those little earpieces portable music players come with like I do, these headphones are a must. Full stereo surround sound without having to hook it up to your computer, now that I appreciate. People no longer bother me at the gym.