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LTB Magnum 5.1 AC97 Headphones

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With both headphones, voices were clear and concise and even those who didn't have their volumes up too high were easy to make out. The microphone picked up my voice a little too well, which is a plus. I found that I had to go in and set the voice activation toggle more toward whisper than shout (halfway between normal and whisper). The USB headphones didn't pick up as well, so I couldn't keep the same volume level on my microphone as the AC97. One other problem that is across the board with the USB headphones is that you need to disable your on board or add on sound card drivers in order to use them to their full potential. When I reviewed the USB headsets last year, I did not have HD sound, which I do now, and the CMEDIA Drivers tend to cancel out the other drivers. I once got such an ear piercing screech while connecting the USB headsets I thought I blew an ear drum. For those of you who can remember to disable your other sound card drivers when choosing to use the USB headphones there should be no problem.


Call of Duty 2:

While playing my favorite PC game, I had no problems with either of the headphones while communicating with my fellow teammates. I did notice that the USB headphones picked up background noises a little better than the AC97s, which was a little odd to me considering the results I had while listening to music. Bomb blasts seemed a little farther away and it was a little harder to hear faint footsteps.


Godzilla Final Wars:

What can I say, I like SciFi movies and Japanese Monsters are at the top of the list. This is where I felt the headphones did their best. The many sounds effects that are associated with these movies are a true test of any set of headphones. There are bombs dropping, lasers firing, monsters wailing and people screaming. At times I felt I was right there, the surround sound worked perfect; in one scene a monster comes out of a spaceship that is off to the left and not on the screen. When it began to wail, I caught myself looking to the left to see what was coming. The sound separation works to its fullest potential while watching a movie. Both headphones performed in the same manner.



The LTB Magnum AC97s are very lightweight and I would have to say the earpieces are almost like those of the Bose Quiet Comforts. I have worn these headsets for hours without any problems, my neck was not sore as it has been with other hearphones, and the ear pieces are just the right size, so they don't cover too much or too little.

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