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Lognetmedia ML-903 ICON 2000DPI Laser Mouse



A high performance gaming mouse...

I was impressed by the ML-903 ICON mouse, the on-the-fly sensitivity works well in games and graphics applications like Adobe Photoshop.  In games, it matched or exceeded the performance of my current Logitech MX518.  The only thing I can fault about the mouse is that it only really has three buttons (left and right + middle), as the side buttons are for DPI selection.

This is where the mouse falls short of the Logitech and Razer mice it seems to be competing against.  In games like Rainbow Six: Vegas, I did not miss having the 2 extra buttons of my Logitech MX518 as the game's control system doesn't really require extra buttons.  Whilst playing games like Unreal Tournament 2004 with a large array of controls that benefits from being bound to extra buttons, I really missed having two spare assignable buttons on the side.  Other games that use a flashlight, such as Tomb Raider: Legend or Doom 3, I like to bind the side (forward) button to that function to allow toggling of the light without moving my left hand from WASD, shift or CTRL for crouch, and space for jump.  Also, I missed having side buttons for forward/back navigation in Internet browsers.

This really comes down to personal preference though, it has to be said.  I know many people with Logitech and Razer mice that don't even use the side buttons.  The ML-903 ICON has the same 2000dpi laser as Logitech and Razer's high end gaming mice, and is cheaper than comparative products from either brand.  So if you don't need more than 3 buttons on a mouse, and are looking for a high performance laser mouse that doesn't break the bank, the Lognetmedia ML-903 ICON may be the mouse for you.

At the time of writing the review, Lognetmedia only lists retailers located in Poland.  Similarly, all attempts to find an alternate retailer in Europe ended up with Polish results.  Hopefully Lognetmedia will expand their distribution in the near future as they have a genuinely high performance product here that many gamers would love.


  • High-end accuracy using the same 2000 DPI laser found in Logitech and Razer mice
  • Primary and secondary buttons have a "hair-trigger" response
  • Instant, easy to operate, on-the-fly sensitivity selection
  • Low-friction pads give fluid movement across the mousing surface
  • Comfortable, ergonomic design


  • Limited geographic availability at present
  • Three buttons may be a limitation to some users

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