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Lognetmedia ML-903 ICON 2000DPI Laser Mouse



Traveling light

This mouse packed light and arrived without a manual or any software/driver CD. A bit odd, I thought at first, but then again I don't use the Logitech drivers or software for my Logitech MX518 mouse. I can't remember actually reading a manual either. If you think about it, do you really need a manual or software for any mouse? It's not as if it has loads of extra multimedia buttons that some keyboards have.

So, to install it, you simply connect it to a free USB port and it is installed as a HID-compliant input device. If you take a look at the Device Manager you can see these types of devices listed under Human Interface Devices.  For comparison, here is my Logitech MX518:

The Logitech MX518 simply uses the built-in Microsoft drivers.

And here is the Lognetmedia ML-903.  Notice it uses the Microsoft laser mouse driver and needs no additional drivers or software.  A simple approach to adding input hardware, and really how I think it should be for all mice.



The specs on the box are very terse and to-the-point.  They inform you of all the relevant ratings and abilities, but I think some of the acronyms should be expanded or explained with a feature-benefit note next to them or listed underneath.  An example is the "FPS: 7080" detail.  What does this mean?  I assume it means a sampling rate of 7080 frames per second, but how does that work together with the Mouse Rate of 500 Hz?  It's not entirely clear and I think if a specification is going to be listed on the box (highlighted in red, so obviously a main selling point) it should be made more obvious what the feature provides to the user.

Box specs

Sensor: Agilent ADNS-6010 (6.4 Mpix/sec - laser)
Always On: Yes
CPI: 2000 (400>800>1600>2000)
FPS: 7080
Mouse Rate: 500Hz (2ms)
Max. speed: 114cm/sec (45IPS)
Acceleration: 20g
Feet: 4x SPEEDFIRE (Polytetrafluoroethylene)
Click: Quick Click Technology*
Buttons: 2+1 (2 additional ones to increase/decrease CPI on the fly)
Shape: Ergonomic (for right-handed users)
Warranty: 2 years

* Quick Click Technology empowers a user to click a single button around 80 times per 10 seconds

Site specs

The product page for the ML-903 is much better at explaining the specifications and features and I really think the following information should be included in the packaging:

Lognetmedia mL-903 Icon is the first Polish high-end mouse for pro-gamers and graphic designers.

e-sports profile:

It has a heart of well-known ADNS-6010 Agilent sensor of 2000dpi resolution, used previously in mice like Razer Copperhead and Logitech G5. It guarantees reliable speed of 114cm/s and acceletation of 20 g, image sampling of 6.4 Mpix/sec, 7080 FPS and reaction time below 1ms.

mL-903 Icon has been equipped with five Quick Click buttons, which can be pressed even more than 8 times a second. Its ergonomy provides the user the required usage comfort.

Beneath a 110 g light mouse there are PTFE (politetrafluoroethylene) Speedfire feet of high-level slip characteristics.

Home and office profile:

Lognetmedia mL-903 ICON is a high-end product that guarantees a problem-free work at large variety of surfaces. A legendary ADNS-6010 reputable Agilent sensor and extra slippery PTFE (politetrafluoroethylene) feet make a mousepad absolutely unnecessary.

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