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Lognetmedia ML-903 ICON 2000DPI Laser Mouse


Closer Look:

Back of the box

Most product boxes these days are a combination of a cardboard shell and some annoying transparent plastic molded to the shape of the mouse.  Lognetmedia have a simpler box design which looks almost like a display case.  You can see pretty much all around the mouse without visual distortion from molded plastic packaging.

Inside the box

Continuing the minimal theme, all you get in the box is the printed cardboard inserts, the mouse itself, and 4 replacement PTFE non-slip feet.  Any heavy mouse user will know that the feet do wear down eventually, or may come unstuck and end up getting lost.  So having the replacement feet supplied in the box is a welcome addition.

The mouse bears a striking resemblance to Logitech mice.  It looks very similar to my MX518 and, with the DPI indicators, you can see that it looks even more like the Logitech G5.

At first I thought the side buttons were mouse buttons 4 and 5, as with my MX518 and Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer 3.0.  But, after examining the mouse and finding no additional buttons, it seemed that these side buttons controlled the mouse sensitivity.

The "clone" styling of the mouse is evident from all angles.  Underneath, you can see the four PTFE feet and the location of the laser is central.

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  5. Conclusion
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