Logitech X-240 2.1 Speaker System

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Reviewed on: June 20, 2007
Price: 39.99 - 49.99 USD


The world as we know it has been taken by storm and now almost everybody has a personal soundtrack that they can live their life to.  The personal music device continues to gain popularity and with this device manufacturers are of course, not standing by idly.  Now we see a whole host of components that cater to our need to surround ourselves in our personal musical tastes. The Logitech X-240 is a speaker system that not only can be used as a computer speaker system, it can also work as a stand alone personal music device docking station.

Logitech was founded on October 2, 1981 in Apples, Switzerland.  As a manufacturer of computer peripherals, Logitech accredits it’s humble beginnings to producing mice for earlier computers.  Logitech has now become one of the largest manufacturer of computer related peripherals in the world.  Its product lines now include keyboards, Web cameras, voice headsets, speakers, headphones, game controllers and remote controls.

Closer Look:

Logitech has kept with the same style of packaging and graphics for some time now.  The green white and orange is not only eye catching, but it helps me to identify Logitech items when I’m looking for something in particular.  The information about the product is clearly printed and illustrated on the back of the box.


Inside, the components for this speaker system are tightly packed, but there wasn’t any damage that I could notice.

Closer Look:

The contents are the left/right speaker, a small subwoofer, and a docking station for a personal music player.  You’ll also find an audio adapter to plug your music player into the system, and a set of instructions.



The back of the subwoofer enclosure has a volume control and an output jack for the satellite speakers.  The other cables that are hard wired to the back of the subwoofer are the power cable and the control cable coming from the control center.

The control center has an output jack for a set of headphones and an input jack for your personal music device.


I have to note that the X-240 system can either be used as a stand alone personal music device amplifier or it can be used as a PC speaker system. In either case the installation is much the same. First, plug the satellite speakers into the back of the subwoofer.


Next, the green stereo jack is plugged into the speaker output of your computer. Of course, if you were going to use the X-240 as a personal music device amplifier, then you wouldn’t have to do this.

At this stage, your system is set up. You can now enjoy all the pounding bass and sound that this system will deliver from your computer.

To install the personal music device, you must install the proper bracket into the pull out drawer of the control center.


Then attach the small headphone jumper supplied, from your music device to the input on the control center. Now your music device is ready to use.


Total RMS power 25 watts
Total Peak Power 54 watts
Frequency response 40 Hz – 20 kHz
Signal-to-Noise ratio >96dB
Satellites 2” high-excursion drivers
Subwoofer 4" down-firing bass reflex subwoofer



To test the X-240, I will run the speakers through a barrage of music. Varying from classical to heavy metal, I will vary the volume levels  on both the subwoofer and through my system. Because I don’t have any sophisticated sound measuring instruments to show you actual sound dynamics and frequency response without distortion, you’ll just have to take my word on the sound quality.  As with any other test of this nature, there are many variables that come into play and are quite subjective.  Correct sound mastering, recording quality, and sound card quality are some of the factors that will effect playback.

Test Setup:


After putting the X-240 through the paces, I was amazed at how such a little system could produce so much sound.  The system was excellent at low to mid volume levels but struggled in the upper volumes with full range music.

To start, the bass was handled well by the 4” bass reflex subwoofer, but was topped out with the computer volume at about 90% the control center volume at 80% and the sub volume at 80%.  The bass was clean and there was no apparent distortion at volume levels below these.

The satellite speakers handled high frequencies well but don’t do well with midranges.  The satellites started to distort with midrange frequencies at about 90% computer volume with the control center volume at 70%.


The Logitech X-240 speaker system performed very well during my tests and I am quite surprised at the quality of sound that can be achieved with such a small system.  When the volume was within the range capability of the speakers, the X-240 came together very well with crisp highs, deliberate midranges, and thumping low frequencies.  The system looks very attractive in basic black with its satellite speakers and control center leaning back at the same angle.  The size of the subwoofer enclosure made it easy to place anywhere on or under my desk.

Although not a powerhouse of a sound system, the X-240 will deliver good quality sound for most of your listening pleasure.  With the added feature of being able to play music direct from a personal music device, the X-240 is a well rounded, affordable speaker system.