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Logitech X-240 2.1 Speaker System

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To test the X-240, I will run the speakers through a barrage of music. Varying from classical to heavy metal, I will vary the volume levels  on both the subwoofer and through my system. Because I don’t have any sophisticated sound measuring instruments to show you actual sound dynamics and frequency response without distortion, you’ll just have to take my word on the sound quality.  As with any other test of this nature, there are many variables that come into play and are quite subjective.  Correct sound mastering, recording quality, and sound card quality are some of the factors that will effect playback.

Test Setup:

  • Intel E6600 Core 2 Duo Processor
  • Asus P5N32-E SLI motherboard with Supreme FX Audio Card
  • 2GB OCZ PC2-6400 EL Platinum ram
  • eVGA 8800GTX video card
  • 3 Seagate 320GB SATA II drives
  • Windows XP Professional SP2
  • IPod Shuffle


After putting the X-240 through the paces, I was amazed at how such a little system could produce so much sound.  The system was excellent at low to mid volume levels but struggled in the upper volumes with full range music.

To start, the bass was handled well by the 4” bass reflex subwoofer, but was topped out with the computer volume at about 90% the control center volume at 80% and the sub volume at 80%.  The bass was clean and there was no apparent distortion at volume levels below these.

The satellite speakers handled high frequencies well but don’t do well with midranges.  The satellites started to distort with midrange frequencies at about 90% computer volume with the control center volume at 70%.

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  2. Closer Look Continued
  3. Installation
  4. Specifications & Features
  5. Testing
  6. Conclusion
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