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Logitech Pure-Fi Elite Review

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Upon powering up for the first time, you will be prompted to select a couple of options. First you will be asked to choose your language (English, Spanish, French, Deutsch, Italian and Nederland), followed by your preference of a 12hr or 24hr time format. The last step is to enter the current time, which upon hitting select will be posted in the LCD. You are now ready to enjoy your Pure-Fi Elite. To begin listening to tracks on your iPod, press the Source button until the iPod icon is seen on the LCD, or simply press the iPod button on the remote.




Unfortunately, you cannot navigate your iPod’s menus through the unit, so you will need to select the artist, album or track you wish to play through your iPod. After choosing an album (Pick A Bigger Weapon- The Coup), you can freely skip tracks, pause and play throughout the entire album. While playing, you can change the appearance of the LCD and by pressing the Select button, you can toggle between the clock and a set of EQ bars that react to the music.



Although the Pure-Fi is incapable of changing albums or artists, it does support the use of playlist presets. The remote has six buttons (labeled 1-6), that each remember a single playlist. To set, hold one of the six buttons for 1 second. A beep will be followed by the first screen shown. From here you can choose which playlist to program, the first choice being all the songs on your iPod. I created a mix in iTunes that is comprised of tracks from five Coup albums named Coup MIX. If you scroll through the choices you will see the playlist you created. Upon selecting it, the Elite will give you the option to shuffle the playlist. Select 'yes' or 'no' to finish the procedure and the button will now remember the playlist and options when pressed again.




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