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Logitech Pure-Fi Elite Review

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Closer Look:

Upon opening the top of the package, the tray of accessories will be visible, resting snugly above the main unit. Once the tray is removed, the Pure-Fi Elite will be accessible. 






The Elite comes shipped wrapped tightly in plastic and then sandwiched between two contoured foam blocks. The User Manual is casually tucked into the front of the box, also wrapped in a large plastic bag that is taped to the unit. A large 6-foot power cable protrudes from the backside of the Pure-Fi. This allows the rather large AC adapter given in the kit to remain close to the wall socket.



Each speaker is fitted with a black removable grill and they only require minimal pressure to remove. Notice that the grills themselves are not flat but mimic the shape of the woofer and tweeter. Pictured is the Universal Dock; with the correct adapter provided in the kit, a number of different iPod models are compatible.



The front LCD is kept very simple yet distinctively sharp. The buttons are symmetrically placed along the lower edge. The Power button is located in the middle of the panel, with the Source(SRC) and Select buttons on either side. The Volume UP/Down and Change Up/Down buttons placed along the outer edges. The video outputs (S-Video and Composite), radio antenna inputs and the Aux (3.5mm) input can be found on the backside of the Elite.



Bundled with this package is a well designed remote control. It has a long, slender shape and the layout is simple and clean. The remote contains all the functions that the front panel has, but also a few extras. It exclusively houses the StereoXL, individual Source, playlist Preset, Menu, Shuffle, Repeat, and Sleep buttons. It takes 2 AAA batteries, which are provided.


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