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Logitech G15 (New Updated) Keyboard

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Closer Look:

The new Logitech G15 features black keys, a gunmetal border around the keys, and a black border around the rest of the keyboard. What I noticed right off the bat about this new G15 is that the LCD screen isn’t a flip-up – it’s always visible. I also noted how the media controls are on the side of the LCD display. This new G15, like the older G15, features a full number pad, something I find myself using frequently. You’ll also find USB connectors for other peripherals you may have, such as an iPod. There is a mute button and a brightness button that allows you to have your backlight and LCD screen brightness level at either dim, bright, or off. I also noticed that the backspace, enter, and shift keys do not have the letters for their name on them – only arrows depicting their actions.






The back of the keyboard is very interesting because it has pre-cut trails for the keyboard’s cable to snake through in order to help you minimize the clutter on your desk. Also, notice the rubber stops on the keyboard to keep it in place while you’re having an intense gaming session. The stands on the keyboard will raise the back end up approximately an inch from the surface. The keyboard comes with an armrest that can be easily installed by latching the connectors into place under the keyboard.


Now let’s get to the customizable keys! On the top left-hand corner of the keyboard, you’ll find “M” keys, which you can set profiles to. Once you have your profiles all set up, you can customize the six “G” keys to do whatever you desire.


It’s time to learn how to install the armrest and the keyboard so that we can finally test it!

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