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Logitech MX518 Optical Gaming Mouse Review


Closer Look

The bomb-proof shell of the MX518 mouse looks as if it was shot and the bullets were stopped dead in their tracks, at least that's my perspective of the design. The paint is a metallic silver color which presents an armored steel look that adds to the bullet dent effect. A clear covering over the design protects the beauty of this mouse.

On top of the MX518 we find the famous right and left click buttons, but also a scroll wheel which acts as a middle mouse button in addition to its scrolling capabilities. Above and below the scroll wheel you'll find two buttons which allows you to click through the different sensitivity settings. By default without instaling any drivers or software you can choose from the following sensitivity settings: 400, 800, and 1600.

Having the ability to choose different sensitivity settings without ever installing any software, is simply extraordinary to me. I have been using Razer mice ever since I can remember which dates all the way back to the first Boomslang mouse that they created. One thing I disliked about using their on-the-fly sensitivity adjustments was that I had to have their software and drivers installed. As matter of fact, I don't like installing any additional drivers or having to run software in the background unless absolutely necessary.

The MX518 sensitivty control feature is all handled onboard in the hardware of the MX518 at the sensor level. The actual sensor switches the DPI mode on the fly as you push the buttons. The mouse is literally sending a native 400, 800 and 1600 DPI resolution to the PC. Since all of this is done at the hardware level, no software or drivers is required!

The last button found on top of the MX518 is located underneath the negative button and it looks like cascading windows. This button allows you to quickly switch between opened documents. Of course we can easily reprogram this button to serve a more useful task using the provided Logitech software. Perhaps this button would be better suited for a quick button to the rocket launcher in Unreal Tournament 2004. :)

On the left side of the MX518 mouse we find two additional buttons near the thumb rest. By default and without installing drivers or software, these buttons are programmed as forward and back buttons in Internet Explorer. As always, you have the ability to reprogram them.

I could not continue this review without first talking about how comfortable the thumb rest is on the MX518. I have been using the Razer Diamondback mouse, which is an excellent mouse and similar in performance to the MX518, but the MX518 is so much more comfortable than the Razer Diamondback. Your thumb can simply rest on the side of the MX518 without the strain of having to hold it in place. I have to give Logitech a major thumbs up (literally) for the design of the MX518.

Similar to the left side, the right side of the mouse also has a contoured grip for your pinky finger. The material grips to your fingers effortlessly and it feels very smooth.

On the bottom of the MX518 we find not three, not four, but five super slick teflon feet for the most ultimate precision and control.

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