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Logitech Wireless Desktop S510 Media Remote Review


Closer Look

The Logitech S 510 Cordless Keyboard

The Logitech S 510 cordless keyboard is a full sized, standard QWERTY keyboard. It is similar to the Logitech's diNovo keyboard in looks. The main difference between the two is that the diNovo keyboard has laptop-sized keys, while the S 510 Cordless keyboard has full height keys. Despite the bigger keys, this keyboard still manages to keep an extremely low profile, reaching only about 1.5 cm high at its highest points. Personally, I prefer the full sized keys over the flat, laptop-styled ones. It makes it easier for me to type, and I also find it a lot more comfortable. Another feature is the Zero Degree Tilt design of this keyboard, which helps in keeping a low profile. The keyboard takes 2 AAA batteries, providing it with enough power for a few month

The left and right margins of the keyboard provide a number of buttons for different functions. On the left, Logitech included a low battery indicator, PC sleep mode and internet home. There also are buttons for picture viewing: rotate 90*, zoom in/ out and zoom-fit (100% image size). On the right edge we can find the default media player button, 4 media buttons (play/pause, stop, next track, and previous track), music shuffle, volume up/down and mute.

The LX5 Cordless Mouse

The mouse is plain and simple looking. It includes a scroll wheel and tilt wheel, 3 buttons (including wheel click) and a low battery indicator. The LX5 mouse takes 2 normal AA batteries. The mouse works on an optical engine, but utilizes Logitech's Invisible Light Optical Technology. This uses less power than a normal LED/optical mouse. Logitech also included an On/Off switch on the bottom to save power when the mouse is not in use. The performance of this mouse is average at best, but when it comes to comfort the LX5 mouse is quite horrible. My hand did not curve naturally around the mouse, and the big raised back did not help the comfort level, just made it worse.

The Media Remote

The biggest reason someone would want to buy this set is the included Media Remote. Logitech has a good reputation for making high quality and comfortable remotes, such as their Harmony line of remotes. The Media Remote is meant to be used with the included MediaLife software. It is very comfortable, sleek, and fairly light (using 2 AAA batteries). It has a number of buttons, including Custom Menu, maximize window, close window, 3 preset buttons (which can be programmed), volume buttons (volume up, down and mute), 3 picture buttons (zoom in, out, zoom-fit), Media (which launches the MediaLife software) and 5 media buttons (play/pause, next, previous, stop, fast forward, rewind). The scroll wheel is surrounded by the Back and OK buttons in a very natural and easy to use placement. The Media Remote also has a low battery indicator. Overall I am very pleased with the Media Remote aesthetics and placement of buttons.

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