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Logitech Harmony 1000 Remote Control Review

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Now that we have the devices set up you can set up activities. Activities work like macros for the system. Basically what an activity does is issue multiple commands at the same time. Take for instance that you want to watch a dvd movie. If you select the "Watch a DVD" activity then the Harmony 1000 will issue the commands to turn on the TV, change the TV to the correct channel, and turn on the DVD player, all with the press of one button. When the activities menu comes up you can choose what activities you want to program. These include "Watch TV", "Watch a DVD or Tape", "Play Games", or "Listen to Music". Select the ones you want, then click next.








After selecting the activities you want to program, the setup software will walk you through a series of question to make sure the right devices are on, and what settings are required for each activity. Select the best settings for you for each activity you want.





Once you are finished setting up each activity you will be able to review all of the ones you selected as well as make any last minute modifications. You will need to plug in your Harmony 1000 and Wireless Extender again to update the information for your devices, and then you will be asked to test it to ensure everything is in working order.




Now that everything is set up and tested you will be sent to the main screen. This is what you will see every time you log into the Logitech Harmony 1000 software. From here you can add, remove, and edit activities and devices for the Harmony 1000. You can also edit the setting of the device and add backgrounds and icons to it to suit your liking.


  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look ( The Remote )
  3. Closer Look ( The Wireless Extender )
  4. Installation ( Software )
  5. Installation ( Hardware )
  6. Configuration
  7. Configuration Continued ( Device Setup )
  8. Configuration Continued ( Activity Setup )
  9. Specifications & Features
  10. Testing
  11. Conclusion
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