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Logitech Harmony 890 Pro Remote Control Review

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Activities are similar to macros in that you push one button for a series of actions to take place. Activities are the term given to the macros used by the Harmony to complete a task such as watching a DVD or the television. Let's take a look at how this works and follow along with the setup.

The process is easy enough as the software walks you through each activity you set up. I will be showing what the setup looks like to watch television on the entertainment system I use. Choose which room you want to set up activities for and go forward. Again, you are shown the hardware in that room to choose from for the activity. After that you are given a list of possible activities that the hardware is capable of doing. Move forward after making your choices.



Now is where the final set of choices are made. You will be telling the Harmony software how your devices interact with each other and what setting the devices need to be on to start and finish the activity. You will need to have some basic A/V knowledge about the connections that you made when installing the hardware in your home (i.e. What inputs does component A have to use, etc.). For this example we will show the configuration of the Harmony so we can watch television. The first item is how do you control the volume when you listen to the television. The surround sound receiver, in this instance.



After making the selections for your devices you are presented with a page to verify your settings. If correct, you can move on and finalize this activity or go back and reconfigure the device setup. Once done, move forward to complete the activity. Now the activity is complete. Just follow the same process to set up the rest of the activities and you will be done with the configuration.




Creating a setting is an area where you can control the mood of a room by controlling the light and A/V devices at the touch of a button. To set up the lighting in your home, you would need to find a non proprietary type controller. The lights and fans in my home unfortunately do not allow this feature to be used...yet!


After the time spent detailing how and what we need to control, the time has come to input that information into the Harmony 890. How you ask? Simply plug the supplied USB cable into the Harmony and computer and the Harmony software will update the remote with all of the settings and activities you have just finished inputting into the software. Now you are ready to try it out.



Should you upgrade some of your A/V devices, you are not stuck with your current configuration. Just load up the software and modify your settings. Here you are also able to troubleshoot the remote, update the software or get technical support.


  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look ( The Remote )
  3. Installation
  4. Configuration
  5. Configuration Continued( Device Setup)
  6. Configuration Continued( Activity Setup)
  7. Specifications & Features
  8. Testing
  9. Conclusion
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