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Logitech G19 Keyboard for Gaming Review

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While Logitech makes products for many different markets, the G19 keyboard is definitely aimed at gamers. Everything on it is projected to gamers, from the backlit keyboard, to the "G" keys, to the full color LCD screen that can display in-game information, or allow you to watch YouTube while you are in the middle of a round of Team Fortress 2. While the keys aren't "clicky", I feel it provides a better gaming experience, but might alienate some of the people that prefer the more solid tactile feedback of the old IBM Model M keyboards. The addition of the USB hub is another great benefit, since any USB devices can easily be plugged in right on the desk.

Additionally, the software, and its ability to work easily on multiple operating systems is superb. The ability to set up pretty much any macro you want, to change the color of the keyboard backlight, and control the LCD panel all from the OS is an awesome feature. The one downside is that you cannot change specific key colors or level of lighting. However, this is a small issue with an otherwise great keyboard, as long as the price does not drive you away.



  • Backlit keyboard for easy viewing
  • Can change backlight color
  • Software works in Windows XP, Vista, and 7, as well as Mac OS X
  • "G" keys can be used to easily create macros
  • Supports multiple profiles
  • Full color LCD display can display a wealth of information
  • "Gaming mode" key allows you to turn off keys, such as the Windows key, while gaming
  • USB hub allows two devices to be plugged directly into the keyboard
  • Cable routing in the back of the keyboard keeps wires organized



  • Some keys' color can not be changed
  • Price
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