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Logitech G19 Keyboard for Gaming Review

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Closer Look:

Right off the bat there are several features of the keyboard that catch the eye. First off is an LCD screen in the top center of the keyboard. As we will see later, this screen can be used to do quite a bit, and is programmable using Logitech's API which is provided. Another feature not seen on many keyboards is an entire two rows of programmable "G" keys. These can be used to create macros that do things automatically for you. Other than these, most of the keys on this keyboard are pretty standard, like media keys and the alphabet which can all change through a multitude of colors, set by software.




















The screen also has a special set of keys that are used to control it outside of the software run on the computer. These keys are pretty easy to figure out, but always backlight with an amber color and do not change with the rest of the keyboard. The small slider key on the far left of this picture is used to disable keys that might interrupt gameplay, like the windows key.


The back of the keyboard has some small feet to incline the keyboard if you so choose. Another interesting feature found on the back of the keyboard is the wire channels. These channels allow you to route a wire through them and not upset the balance of the keyboard. This allows you to have USB headphones plugged into the USB ports on the back of the keyboard and have the wire come out through the front.



The keyboard required external power, requiring the DC power adapter shown here. However, the keyboard also has two usb ports so you can use it as an USB hub as well.



The full color screen that attached to the keyboard can change its tilt over a small margin, but enough to allow for people of varying heights and keyboard heights to properly adjust the screen to see it without image distortion.


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