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Logitech diNovo Mini Remote/Keyboard Review

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Closer Look (Continued):

I was pretty astounded when I first held the Logitech diNovo Mini – it was very, very light, but felt surprisingly sturdy! Even the large, smoked keyboard cover didn’t seem like it would come off without a fight – a great feature for a remote! Aside from its solid construction, the look and feel of the diNovo Mini was simply awesome - the keys, the glossy inner cover, the matte silver on the outside - it was stunning! These pictures just don't do the diNovo justice.

Moving on to the keypad, the diNovo sports a fully functional QWERTY keyboard along with a small ClickPad, which is similar to the touch pads found on laptops. A switch on the upper left allows the user to switch the function of the pad from touch to directional. The top row of keys contains media “hotkeys” and a few blue “function” keys which require the user to press the “FN” keys to the left or right of the space bar in combination with another key – similar to Alt-Tab, or Ctrl-Alt-Del. These keys enable zoom features, an internet browser hotkey, a media player shortcut, and more. Really, this remote has it all!

















The diNovo Mini’s underside sports a thick rubber backplate, which covers the battery and the red Connect (emergency) button. Also, a small switch to the right of the battery allows the user to switch the diNovo from PC to Playstation 3 use.



As soon as I plugged in the battery, flipped open the cover, and started pushing buttons, I was blown away by the diNovo Mini’s spectacular lighting. This remote looked like something out of a high-tech fighter jet! The lighting was subtle, not glaring, and was very useful in the dark.

When I used only the ClickPad, the corresponding components and keys lit up, but when I used the keypad, then the entire device came alight. Then, I switched the ClickPad to Directional mode, and arrows appeared on the pad, along with the corresponding keys – but now in green! Wow, I can't imagine all the uses I’ll find for this remote!


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