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Logitech G51 Surround Sound Speaker System Review

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Below, I will compare the Logitech G51 speaker system to the two other systems I have chosen. I am aware that this is truly subjective, but it will give an honest perspective on how I felt the G51 speakers performed against the others. I will be comparing sound quality, ease of use, bass, distortion and total volume (with Clarity). The scale will be a one to ten, ten being the best and one, the worst.


Sound Quality and Ease of Use:



Bass and Distortion:



Total Volume:


Both Logitech speakers ran just about neck and neck, with the Creative speakers falling way behind. The bass on the X-540 was just a little better than the G51's - at the highest point, it could stop your heart. I am very dissatisfied with the Creative speakers, as I could never get enough bass or volume with out a snap, crackle or pop. Hopefully some of their higher-end models can perform better. These Creative speakers do not have control modules like the Logitechs do, which bring down their ease of use qualities. The X-540s do have a control module, but it does not control as much as the G51s do. The G51's out of all three tested, were the most stable and even though they are made more for gaming, I think they work just fine for other applications.

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