Lian Li G70B Aluminum Case Review

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Reviewed on: April 26, 2006
Lian Li G70B Aluminum Case Review
Hampton Technologies & Cooler Guys
Price: $179.99 USD

Lian-Li is a name known very well amongst computer enthusiasts. Personally I have never really liked Lian-Li products just because they are quite plain and not very eye appealing. My views have somewhat changed since doing this review. Although the case is still quite plain, the quality, roominess, ease of hiding wiring and overall workmanship of the Lian-Li G70b enclosure has impressed me. Lian-Li has been manufacturing computer cases and accessories since 1983; they are one of the largest and most reputable manufactures of aluminum computer cases in Taiwan. Our case was provided by Hampton Technologies and they are one of Lian-Li's official distributors. Hampton Technologies was created in 1992, and distributes PC parts to System Integrators, OEM's and Value Added Resellers. The company's mission is to bring these high-end products to mass market by providing low price and high value to our customers. Ok, it's time to take a closer look at this case. Hopefully you will be as impressed as I was.

Closer Look
The case came packaged in a standard brown box with the Lian-Li logo and a sticker, which told you what case was inside.

The case was quite protected for transport, covered in plastic and placed in Styrofoam inserts.

After I got the case out of its box my next step was to look at the exterior for quality of workmanship. The case is very well made and, although fairly light due to it's all aluminum frame, it feels quite durable.



Unlike many other cases on the market today, Lian-Li chose to put the external USB, headset, and firewire connectors on top of the case. A plus for me considering I always have to move my regular case to plug in my headset.

After taking a very careful look at the outside of the case, it was time to see what the interior was made of. All interior parts were made of aluminum also and it was a breeze to get the side panels off since all the fasteners are thumbscrews.

This case came with a lot of extra components. Screw on feet, a cable to use 2 power supplies simultaneously, extra thumbscrews, plates to stack hard drives two different ways and even a rear vent for a power supply.

Pretty impressive, the case seems quite roomy and most every added feature can be removed by unfastening thumbscrews, but how easy is it to install my components? (For review purposes installation is in the testing section, at OCC we believe that installation of components is testing the ease of use.)

Model: PC-G70B
Type: ATX Full Tower
Color: Black
Case Material: Aluminum
With Power Supply: No
Power Supply: No
Motherboard Compatibility: EXT ATX M/B (max size: 12"x13")
With Side Panel Window: No
External 5.25" Drive Bays: 6
External 3.5" Drive Bays: 2
Internal 3.5" Drive Bays: 6
Expansion Slots: 7
Front Ports: USB2.0 x 2, IEEE1394 x 1, MIC x 1, EAR x 1
Cooling System:
80mm Fans: No
120mm Fans: 12 cm bearing fans x 3
Side Air duct: Yes
Dimensions: 23.4" x 8.3" x 23.2" (D x W x H)
Weight: 17.5 lbs.
Enclosed a cable for turning on two PSU at the same time


Unfortunately the motherboard tray is not removable, and you also have to remove the side fan and the upper airflow deflector in order to get you motherboard into the case. Otherwise due to the G70 being a Server/Full Tower case the installation went pretty easy. There were more that enough screws to get the job done.

The case itself is not of screw less design so all the components needed to either be screwed or fastened.

The Hard Drive cage is remover by 2 thumbscrews and an extra plate is provided to give two options of mounting your hard drive either horizontal or vertical. I chose the vertical installation.

The case is also made to utilize two PSU�s at the same time, one mounted on the top and the other mounted on the bottom. With the supplied external connector you can run them both at the same time. (I chose to use only one PSU.) The upper mount has a tray for the PSU to sit on.

With all completed I replaced the side fan and the upper air deflector and the case was all done.

The case comes standard with three 120mm fans, and surprisingly enough the case is not very loud when turned on. It keeps components cool and also due to the design of the interior the airflow is maximized around key components.

With a stock heatsink my idle temps were 32 c and load temps only 38 c. The hard drive temps ranged from 28 c to 34 c.

It seems that Lian-Li did their homework when developing this case.

Although the exterior design of the G70b case is pretty standard, I�m impressed. The case is very easy to work with it�s nowhere near cramped inside and it was not an all day project to install all my components. If you love to mod cases this is most defiantly a case for you, you can easily install a side window, make a top blowhole and even add some cold cathodes when that�s all done. I�m going to use the G70b as my new Server case and eventually add that second power supply; it might be a great idea to use it only for peripherals.

I do like the fact that the case is all aluminum, even for it�s size 23.4" x 8.3" x 23.2" it is still quite light being only about 23 pounds fully loaded. The screw on feet is lined with felt to keep the case from scratching the floor and the front bezel is easily taken off by removing 4 screws. That is a nice feature there is no need to open the side panels to remove it.

All in all I have to admit Lian-Li has made a believer out of me, their motto is �Design to be Cool� and they stick to it!