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Lian-Li PC-C35 Black Desktop Case



The first thing I decided to do was install my drives.

Nothing too hard about that. Simply stick them in, screw, and slide in. But I ran into a problem.

The HDD was too close to the screw that held in the entire assembly! When I connected the IDE connector and tried to screw in the thumb screw, it would not fit! This isn't a biggie as the drive bay is already pretty secure when slid in, but this is something I'd never expect from Lian-Li. SATA users should not see this issue as the connectors are more to the side than the center. Now for stealthing that drive!

I had to pull out the entire assembly again to get the cover flat against the case. But it's not that hard. I simply slapped the sticker onto the cover, stuck that on the drive and it was good to go! Pretty strong tape, you shouldn't have a problem of it falling off. Another cool thing I found was how you could pull it off relatively easy if you needed to pull it off for use on another drive. Looks like Lian-Li did their research on this, not too tough but not too weak.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look Continued
  3. Closer Look Continued
  4. Closer Look Continued
  5. Closer Look Continued
  6. Installation
  7. Installation Continued & Specifications
  8. Testing
  9. Conclusion
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