Lexar 8 GB Jump Drive Secure II Plus Review

Desja - 2007-11-30 10:51:53 in Storage / Hard Drives
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Reviewed on: December 6, 2007
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Jump drives have been around for a few years now, when they first came out I wasn't too impressed. The largest size I could find was 128MB. I had nothing that small that I wanted to transfer from one computer to another. Now, with sizes like the Lexar 8GB Jump Drive Secure Plus II, I can really start seeing the use for jump drives.

A lot of enthusiasts find themselves formatting and reconfiguring their system on a regular basis, but some of us have family priorities. Maybe "priorities" isn't the correct word. Let me try this again. A lot of us have wives that will lay a beating on us if we do not keep the family pictures and their music backed up before a format. For this reason alone, the Lexar 8GB Jump Drive Secure Plus II might save your marriage.

Is a jump drive more practical than an external hard drive? Can it really perform with speeds fast enough? Lets check this out together, and see if the Lexar 8GB Jump Drive is the be all end all of your back up needs.


Closer Look:

The packaging is both functional, and aesthetically pleasing. What you see is what you get rings true in this case. I can literally see everything I get. The functionality I spoke of is the domed plastic case which protected the flash drive in shipping. The back of the packaging lists some of the Lexar 8GB Jump Drive's features and the system requirements. This drive is compatible with both XP and Vista. Mac OS X is also compatible with this drive, for all of you non right clickers out there.









When you open up the package, there is an installation manual and a limited warranty pamphlet included. The installation instructions are very easy. Take drive: A, and plug it in to USB: B. It's almost idiot proof. In case you encounter any issues with the Lexar 8GB Jump Drive, the technical support line number is listed in the manual.



The Lexar Jump Drive has an LCD display on the side of it that shows how full the drive is. When you plug the drive in, the "Lexar" lettering glows blue to let the user know that it indeed is plugged in and functioning.





Product Highlights

Convenient Capacity Meter on a Secure DriveLexar offers a comprehensive line of high-performance USB flash drive products designed with a wide variety of features, capacities, and capabilities. With so many options, it's easy to find the perfect Lexar JumpDrive® USB flash drive to fit your needs and lifestyle.

Loaded with advanced security features, Lexar JumpDrive Secure II Plus is a sleek USB flash drive that provides the ideal solution for safely storing, transferring, and sharing multimedia and more. It offers the same great advanced security software as the original JumpDrive Secure II, but now includes an innovative onboard capacity meter for ultimate convenience. Lexar JumpDrive Secure II Plus is available in 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, and 8GB capacities.

Ultimate Functionality

Onboard Capacity Meter for Ultimate Convenience. Lexar JumpDrive Secure II Plus features an innovative, easy-to-read, 10-bar capacity meter that displays available storage space at a glance, even when disconnected from a computer. JumpDrive Secure II Plus works across platforms, and its display functions independently of the operating system, giving you complete flexibility and ease of use.

Advanced Security Software to Protect Your Data. JumpDrive Secure II Plus comes pre-loaded with advanced security software that lets you protect your data securely, quickly, and easily. You can create multiple password-protected areas called Encrypted Vaults that automatically encrypt your data with on-the-fly 256-bit AES encryption. Use the File Shredder feature to securely and thoroughly delete files so they can't be recovered, giving you complete peace of mind that your data is secure.

Serious Storage for All Your Data. Powerful JumpDrive Secure II Plus is a Hi-Speed USB drive with a simple plug-and-play design that allows you to quickly and easily transfer and store data and multimedia files. With capacities up to a whopping 8GB, a convenient capacity meter, massive storage capacities, and innovative security software, Lexar JumpDrive Secure II Plus is the ideal solution for easily storing and protecting all your valuable files, photos, video, and more.

All specifications courtesy of Lexar @ http://www.lexar.com/jumpdrive/jd_secureII_plus.html


To test the Lexar 8GB Jump Drive Secure Plus II, OverclockersClub uses the Flash Memory Tool Kit. The benchmarks used will be "Low Level Benchmark" and "File Benchmark". The Low Level Benchmark will be used to test the drive in a read format where we will be looking to see how many Mb/s and at what speed multiplication the drive can acquire. The File Benchmark will be used to test read and write speeds in KB/s, to see the transfer rates achieved with one, three, and five megabyte files. I will be testing the Lexar against a 4 GB Dane-Elec Flash Drive and the 1gb OCZ mini Kart.

Testing System

Read Speed - Low Level Benchmark:

From what this benchmark is telling me I can see that the Lexar stayed very steady while the Dane-Elec did drop out down to 40X a few times during the read test, which is not good for transferring large files quickly.


Read and Write - File Benchmark:

Again, in the benchmark, the Lexar 8 GB did pretty good. Constant increase in speeds as the files sizes became larger.















Over all I was very impressed with this little thumb drive. It exceeded my expectations for such a tiny package. Lexar is a well known company in the flash card industry, and they proved themselves today; for me anyways. My wife should be plenty happy with me next time I decide to format, being that this jump drive is 8 GB, it can hold a lot for a tiny package. I don't really need to back up much more than 8 GB, so the use of an external hard drive is some what cumbersome. In our testing, the Lexar 8GB Jump drive Secure II excelled in the read and multiplication testing. Write speeds on the Lexar drive were another story. At the lowest file size, in the write testing, the drive was clearly out performed by the comparison drives. Once the file size increased, the Lexar offering was much more competitive.

If you are on the market for an external storage device that you can toss in your shirt pocket, don't over look the Lexar 8GB jump drive. As I said, "It may save your marriage". Another option is, if you know any techies out there that you're looking for a gift for, this is an excellent choice.