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NZXT Lexa Blackline Case Review

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Closer Look:

Working Components:

After removing the accessories the hard drive bays will be accessible. There are a total of five bays, each supporting 3.5” hard drives. NZXT has made the bays easily accessible by making them face out of the case. However, with this design limits those of us who use SATA drives, foricing you to buy cables with 90* angled cables. The Blackline also features four 5.25” bays and two external 3.5” bays for your fan controllers or possibly a floppy disk drive.




At the bottom of the case you will find an air inlet covered by a removable dust screen. The screen will help prevent dust from accumulating inside your computer and around your components. A second red 120mm LED fan is mounted on the backside of the case and is the only exhaust fan in the rear. But it's immense size and location draws all heat eminating from the CPU, NB and graphics slot.



You may have been wondering what the white bag in the previous pictures contained. Inside you will discover the various connections for the case's peripherals. This includes the USB, Firewire, front panel audio cables, temperature probes, LCD power connector, as well as the power and reset buttons, and the leads for all the LED indicators (power and hard drive).



Pictured is the 80mm fan that is placed directly in the center of the top of the case. This fan exhausts the hot air that rises off the system during operation. Also pictured is the side window latch mechanism. It features a lock with a set of keys that provide added security for those who need it.



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