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Leadtek Winfast GTX 260 Extreme+ Review

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Closer Look:

The WinFast card comes with a copy of Overlord, and a Driver Installation DVD-Disk with manual. The driver disk is a Flash application with pictures of futuristic robots and soldiers with attack poses. When moving the mouse a large white crosshair mimics the movements, while the Leadtek emblem glistens in the corner. Clicking on the Drivers image begins the installation for the drivers of the video card. All graphical tweaks are still through the regular old Nvidia Control Panel, or in the WinFox application included on the disk.









Next is WinFox 2.0, which is not 64-bit compatible. It is used for adjusting the display resolution, as well as a few other handy things. The Flash also gives hints with green text above the buttons. Included are Utilities such as Adobe Reader 8.0, and the Nvidia Power Pack.



The Power Pack from Nvidia has the free game Warmonger, Unreal Tournament 3 PhysX patch, Badaboom media converter application, and a few other PhysX demos. The User Guide links to the English and other language PDF versions of the guide for the video card. The Flash application warns to install Adobe, and will also give a popup message if it is not installed, although on my computer it was. Perhaps the application has a bug for 64-bit Vista.



Overlord is a third-person Fantasy game released in 2007 in which you as the evil Overlord cast magic, melee, and order around goblin hordes to do your bidding, ultimately fighting against the now corrupted heroes who defeated your predecessor. Installation is straightforward, insert the disk and click install, follow the instructions.



Once in the game, the Overlord is seen in a ruined building. Clicking new game will start the quest off in which you find yourself presumably buried – awakened by your servants.



Continuing on you find yourself immersed in a colorful world surrounded in comedic events, the game tends to not carry itself too seriously. Along the way the horde will acquire weapons, help in goals, die, and sacrifice themselves to power your health and magical abilities further.



Let's get to overclocking and testing this card already!

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