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Leadtek Winfast GTX 260 Extreme+ Review

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Closer Look:

The GTX line all share similar heat sink designs, featuring a cage fan housed in an angled and lower profile piece of the molding. The angle allows for this card to still have access to air even when next to another, like in SLI configurations. The newest revision of the 260-core brings a die shrink to 55nm, and carries over the 216 shader processes of the prior 65nm 260. The card has a cool looking red robot holding a gun, looking similar to the Gundam series. In the lower corner is the smokey ‘EXTREME’. The back of the card is covered in circuitry, void of a back plate that older GTX 260’s came with. A few petite stickers are also on the back, including Bios version and serial number.










The side of the card has a sticker of the Leadtek logo and branding, with holographic symbol. Some cards have the important stickers on the back, but they have been moved to the slot-side likely for asthetic reasons (out of sight). This side has the specifications, brand, model, and barcode sticker. The specifications mirror the front of box.



The rear of the card shows the wiring for the fan, as well as the contoured casing. Two screw holes here are from when back plates were used in conjunction with these coolers. The exhaust grill is wavy, with both DVI ports stacked to the port side. The fan motor has the Leadtek sticker with holographic image, and model number in red to match the robot.



The card is powered by dual 6-pin PCI Express connections, with recommended power supply wattage of 500w. Next to the power connections is the audio out for HDMI, which is required for the audio signal for HDMI devices. The card comes with two SLI ports for dual and triple SLI configurations.



Now we shall see what’s on these disks!

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