LaTosta Lightweight Laptop Stand Review

Propane - 2009-02-19 17:40:16 in Mobile
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Reviewed on: April 9, 2009
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All laptops generate heat, much like every other computer. However, adding additional cooling to a laptop is a lot harder than to a desktop computer. To help cool laptops, companies have begun to produce laptop coolers. Typically they are large plastic devices with fans in them to help actively cool the underside of a laptop. The LaTosta is different, however. Instead of a plastic bed to place the laptop on, the Laptop Stand is made out of two metal clips that help elevate the back side of the laptop in a very minimalist fashion, as I will show you later in the review.


Closer Look:

The LaTosta Lightweight Laptop Stand comes in lightweight packaging. It is just a plastic bag with a small info card in it along with the product. There really isn't much to see here.








As you can see, the clips are S-shaped and have protective rubber on the tips.


The clips use leverage to create a triangle between your desk, itself, and your laptop, raising up the back end of the laptop.





To test the LaTosta Lightweight Laptop Stand, I simply set it up on my laptop in a fairly standard position and used the laptop on my desk as a control. I then let the laptop sit idle while running a temperature monitor to find the temperature of both my CPU and GPU cores. This was repeated on both the cooler and on the desk. To get load temperatures, I chose to run World of Warcraft, which stresses my laptop quite a bit, resulting in more thermal energy. Again, this was repeated on the cooler and the desk.

Testing Setup:


Comparison Coolers:


The results clearly show that there is some benefit to be had by using the LaTosta, yet not as much as a benefit as provided by many of the active coolers. Obviously, this is due to the LaTosta being a lightweight solution meant for travel, and not a more permanent solution that is heavier, which would include fans.




The numbers are better when they are lower. As you can see, and as mentioned above, these values are better than just being straight on the desk, yet not quite as good as being on a larger cooler that includes fans. This is the tradeoff for extreme portability.


The LaTosta Lightweight Laptop Stand is a very unique way to cool down a laptop while also providing ergonomic benefits. At first look it might look like a silly way to do this, but after fiddling with the positioning of the brackets and realizing how easy it is to take them with you wherever you might be going, it becomes clear that this is really an ingenious design. While the cooling benefits aren't quite as significant as some of the bulkier, powered coolers, there are still significant benefits to be had. All these combined really make for a great product that I would recommend for anyone on the go.