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Lapworks Aluminum Desktop Stand

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To test this product, I will use the laptop as I normally do with it sitting on the desk in my home office. Testing will include idle and load tests, with the laptop on and off the Lapworks Aluminum stand. I will let my laptop computer idle on the desk for thirty minutes and follow that with load testing with Stress Prime 2004 Orthos edition, while playing a DVD to stress as many components inside the laptop as I can. This configuration will then be used to test the laptop temperatures when mounted on the stand. To check temperatures, I will use Speedfan version 4.2 to monitor both hard drive and CPU temperatures. While the reported temperatures may not be accurate, it can show an increase or decrease in temperature to compare results. In addition to this, I will use our Kestrel 4100 to test the air temperature being discharged from the ventilation port on the laptop I am using for this test. The last test will be to see if the angle of the desk stand creates any additional cooling capability through convection, with the desk at the maximum incline.

Testing Setup:

  • Toshiba A105 Satellite
  • Intel Celeron 1.5GHz
  • 512MB of System memory
  • 80GB hard drive
  • DVD-CDRW drive

The two temperatures that are being monitored by Speedfan, are the hard drive and CPU. First up are the desktop results.

Now that we have a baseline set of temperatures, let's see if the Desktop stand results are any better. I will test at the steepest incline, to try and duplicate the results of Lapworks in-house testing, although my testing procedure is not as involved.

With the testing phase completed, I have some mixed results. While hard drive temperatures increased slightly when my laptop was mounted on the stand, the CPU load temps decreased by 5 degrees Celcius, equating to about 10% - a substantial decrease. My theory about the effects from convection were unable to be proven. I did not detect any airflow rising from under the laptop at the steepest angle.

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