Razer Lachesis 3G Gaming Mouse Review

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Reviewed on: December 18, 2007
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When a soldier goes into battle he makes sure he has the best weapon he can fight with. Well, in the world of gaming the the best weapon is the mouse you use. Just like you would not fight a war with a slingshot, you should not game with a white box mouse. Mice have come a long way in the years getting more precise with better technology. The latest being laser technology which allows unparalleled accuracy in any situation.

The Razer Lachesis 3G mouse is the latest of the RAZER line of gaming mice. The Lachesis is named after the venomous "Lachesis Muta Muta" which is Latin for "Bringer of Silent Death" . The Razer Lachesis is a 3G laser mouse with an ultra sensitive 4000 DPI. For those of you that never heard of the 3G laser it is technology developed by Razer that allows for true DPI which is not interpolated by software. The 3G laser in the Lachesis allows for a max tracking speed of 60-100 IPS (Inches per Second) and an acceleration rate of  25g (245 meters per second). With all of that said does the increased  DPI and speed make the difference? Well, lets put the Lachesis to the test and find out for ourselves.


Closer Look:

If the packaging gives a hint to what the Razer Lachesis has to offer I am already anxious to use it. The box has a sleek look to it showing you the lethal device inside just waiting to be released. The back highlights the key points of the Lachesis in ten different languages. The sides have features and a word from Robert “RazerGuy” Krakoff on what makes the Lachesis the best mouse on the market.









Opening the front cover flap gives an eerie sense of the "Snake" emerging from it's cave. This gives you a really good view of the Lachesis in it's natural habitat. The inside of the cover has a passage explaining what the "Bringer of Silent Death" will do to it's enemies.


Included in the box is the Lachesis mouse, manual, quick start guide, certificate of authenticity, a brochure about the Lachesis, a brochure of other RAZER products, two RAZER logo stickers, and the driver CD.


Closer Look:

The Lachesis is an ambidextrous mouse. This means that it can be used either left or right handed and has the same exact button set up on each side. The Lachesis has a total of nine buttons for any number of options during gaming or any other use. There are two thumb buttons on the left side and two thumb buttons on the right side.









The top has a scroll wheel, the left and right main buttons, two buttons below the scroll wheel for sensitivity (that can be used for any other options in a game), and the RAZER logo which glows when in use. The bottom has the the 3G laser and a button to manually scroll through the profiles.



The USB plug on on the Lachesis is gold plated which provided better conductivity and response.


Once in and working the Lachesis gives off a glow from the scroll wheel and the RAZER logo which look very cool in the dark. There is an option to turn both off in the software we will install next.


To install the Razer Lachesis, first inset the CD into your drive and the install screen will pop up. Follow the prompts to install the drivers and the configuration software.











Once the installation is complete it will prompt you to register your Lachesis with RAZER. Registering will allow you to get tech support, should you need it, and will also register you with the RAZER Cult Network. The Cult Network keeps you up to date on software updates, product launches, and more.


Finally, the setup will ask you to restart your system to finalize the install. After restart, take the USB plug of the unit and plug it into a free USB port on the computer. This will finalize the driver installation and the Lachesis will now be responsive.





RAZER has made configuring the Lachesis as easy as possible. Everything with the Lachesis is done from one screen instead of having to tab thru each section. Since the Lachesis has the ability to store profiles in it's on board memory this makes it the ideal companion if you play games on several PCs, since it will automatically remember your  preferences. When you first start the configuration software you are presented with the main screen which allows you to assign keys or actions for each of the Lachesis's 9 buttons and the scroll wheel.


You will also notice tab like areas on the outside. Clicking them will expand the configuration screen giving you extra options to configure, including setting the axis of the mouse to ensure total accuracy, the sensitivity and scroll/click speeds, and the most important, the profiles section. The profiles section allow you to customize the mouse how you want it and assign that customization to a program. That way whenever you run that program, you can either manually set it to mimic those commands, or have it automatically switch based on the program that is running. Also, for easy confirmation of the profiles, you can have it display the current profile on the screen when it switches.


Finally, for all of you dolphin divers like me there is a special setup that allows you to set macros for a button. By using this I have set a macro in COD:4 that will make me jump then go prone by pressing the number nine button.




Hand Orientation:
Right or Left Hand
Tracking Method:

Number of Buttons:

9 programmable
Scrolling Capability:
1 x Wheel
Color Choices:
Banshee Blue, Phantom White
Maximum dpi:
4000 dpi
Operating System Supported:
Windows 2000 / XP / X64 / MCE 2005 / Vista / Vista64
System Requirements:
1 USB Port; CD-ROM Drive




All features are taken from the product packaging and from the RAZER website at http://www.razerzone.com or http://www.bringerofsilentdeath.com



So are all mice created equal? There are those out there that think this so, but we are here to find out. I am going to be testing the Lachesis against several mice that offer similar features. All mice are wired USB mice and use laser tracking that is user adjustable. I am going to be testing for speed, comfort, precision, and the ability to customize.

Testing System:


Comparison Mice:


The first test is the speed test. For this test I use each mouse on Battlefield 2 for tank control. Anyone who has played Battlefield 2 will tell you that turning the turret of the tank is tedious having to pick up the mouse and re-adjust to keep turning it. I graded on a scale of 1-100 (1 being the slowest and 100 being the fastest) on how fast I was able to complete a 360 in the turret.


Next up I tested the Lachesis for comfort compared against the other ones. For this test I used the mouse continuously during a two hour gaming session and graded it on how crampy my hand felt after the two hours. Again it is on a scale of 1-100 with 1 being the most cramped and 100 being totally comfortable.


Now for the test I was waiting for; I am going to test for precision. Anyone who has played a First Person Shooter as a sniper knows how critical it is to have that accurate shot to take down the target and not give away your position. On this one I played the level "All Ghillied Up" in the game Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. This is a level built on sniping and precision is key in completing it. I rated this one how how accurate I could get my shots based on the precision of the laser. Since the Lachesis goes to 4000 dpi I played the level once at 2000 dpi like the others, and once at 4000 dpi.  The scores are 1-100 based on how many headshots I was able to achieve. One being no headshots, and 100 being all headshots.


Lastly we have the ability to be customized. To gauge this test I graded in a scale of 1 to 100 based on two categories. One being the ability to change the buttons to suit in-game play, and the second the ability to change options such as sensitivity on the go.


Ok, now after all that I ask myself what I think. All I can say is wow. That has to be the smoothest, fastest, and most accurate mouse I have ever used (an I have used quite a lot of mice in my days). The Lachesis was very comfortable to use, even more so than the others when combined with the RAZER Exact Mat and Exact Rest. Speed was off of the chart. At 4000 dpi I could spin my tank turret twice with one push of the mouse, and at long ranges with my guns I could put the Lachesis on the lowest dpi I set, which was 250 dpi, and I could pinpoint the head of and enemy from a good distance.

The ability to customize the Lachesis is a real important plus, and it comes thru. I set up profiles for some of the games I play quite a bit and took it to another computer not running the configuration software. After plugging it in and starting the game the profile auto switched and all of my setting were ready for me to start playing. Also, the macros, I feel, will give a gamer a certain edge to complete tasks quicker and stay alive longer. I was very happy with the Lachesis and it has now taken place as the main mouse I use for gaming. I recommend the Lachesis to anyone looking to upgrade, or as a first gaming mouse to purchase it because you will be very happy with it.