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Razer Krait Review



Well before I could start any testing with this mouse, I had to find a way to lower the sensitivity, as stock it comes so fast I could barely click on the close button on my windows. After installing the drivers I took a look at all the tweaks that I could perform to this mouse. First things first, I lowered the sensitivity from the max (10) down to something that felt closer to my old mouse (4). Now I was ready to go.

The other tabs in the Krait software allow you to change the scroll wheel speed. You can change from scrolling one line at a time, to entire pages at a time. The other major feature was the ability to remap all 3 of the buttons individually. You can make mouse3 perform the action of mouse1, or have it scroll. There is A LOT of adjustment in there.

There was a second sensitivity screen where you were able to set the sensitivity for the X, and Y Axes, as well as lower the DPI from 1600 to 400. I chose to leave these settings as they where, as the mouse seemed to be performing great already. In the button mapping screen you can assign an on-the-fly sensitivity changing option to one of the buttons. This will allow you to scroll up or down to raise / lower the sensitivity. When I bound it to mouse3 (the wheel) it was semi awkward to adjust the sensitivity while holding the wheel down.



Now that I had it setup somewhat like my old mouse (a first generation Microsoft 400 DPI optical), it was time for some gaming. So I loaded up my favorite shooter: Counter Strike: Source. After the game loaded up, I joined a server and was instantly impressed. It felt almost like the mouse was a bit ‘snappier’ than my old mouse, it's hard to explain, but I'm sure it's due to the Krait sending more updates a second than my old mouse. This obviously resulted in  quicker and smoother motion. I had never noticed before just how slow my old mouse was, this Krait is fast! After a few rounds I had adjusted to the new speed of the Krait, and I was back in the groove of things. This mouse made life much better in game. I was able to aim faster and more accurately with the same amount of movement as my old mouse required. After playing a FPS, I switched and started to play some Wow (World of Warcraft). Again, I noticed that this mouse had more accurate tracking and performed well in the MMORPG, though I don’t see how a mouse could not.


After using this Krait for a few days, my view on performance mice has changed immensely. I am not a fan of fancy mice, and I have no need for on the fly sensitivity adjustment, as well as lots of other buttons. But this Krait fits the bill perfectly.  This mouse offers the user improved accuracy, superior tracking, and great ergonomics. If any of those things appeal to you, then the Krait is the mouse for you. The Razer Krait is an improvement for any user who is looking for a somewhat "plain" mouse.  If you are in the market for a no frills new mouse then defiantly give the Krait a look!


  • Accurate
  • Long cord
  • Comfortable


  • A little small (I like bigger mice)
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