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Kingwin Thermal Center TC-02BK Review



There were three things that the Thermal Center was suppose to do that it could be tested on.

The first thing that the Thermal Center should be doing is recording the temperature accurately. To do this, the accuracy of the Thermal Center's thermal probes were compared to the readings taken by a CompuNurse probe. In all test, the Thermal Center was right on the readings. This is with one exception, the Thermal Center will only display temperature to the neared whole number.

The second is the Thermal Center is suppose to adjust the fan speed based on temp. The adjustments at small temperature changes was not noticeable being only a small percentage change in power to the fan. However when going from an idle system state to a load system state the change was noticeable.

The system sat at idle and I recorded the CPU temp as 39°C and the fan was running at 2010 RPM. After starting [email protected] and allowing it to run for a minute the CPU temp 49°C and the fan speed had increased to 2370 RPM.

The last thing that the Thermal Center should do is sound an alarm should the temperature for a given probe go over the set level. To test this, I just lowered the alarm level to 25°C and as expected the alarm went off. It was also nice to find out that when the alarm is going off, the fan will run at full speed. The alarm itself is not very loud, and sounds almost like a pager going off. You can hear it for yourself here.

The Thermal Center passed all of it's test with flying colors.


Despite being simple, the Thermal Center does a great job of controlling fans and displaying the information. There are only a few things that I don't like, as I pointed out in the review the design of the faceplate really doesn't match any case. My only other complaint is that the Thermal Center doesn't allow for an RPM wire to be tailed off back to the motherboard so that you can still monitor you fan through software/BIOS.

With that, I'd have to say the Thermal Center is an excellent product, and I would gladly recommend it to anyone.


  • Aluminum
  • Looks Nice
  • Easy To See / Read
  • Accurate
  • Ability To Switch Between °C and °F
  • Appx $32.00 USD / Inexpensive
  • Automatically Adjust Fans Based On Temp
  • Easy To Use / Install
  • Alarm


  • Design Of Front
  • No RPM Tail To Motherboard
  • Alarm Isn't Loud
  • Time Is 24-Hour Only
  • Temp Reported To Nearest Whole Number
  • RPM Shown In Increments Of 10

  1. Introduction, Fearures , & Specifications
  2. Whats Included & A Closer Look
  3. A Closer Look
  4. Testing & Conclusion
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