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Kingwin KT-424-BK-WM Mid Tower Aluminum Case Review


A Closer Look

Speaking of removing the fans, they are attached by plastic anchors. For those that don't know what I'm talking about, they look like this:

The plastic slides seen on four (well, three in my case) of the 5.25” drive bays, and two of the 3.5” drive bays are used as tool-less mounting devices. As you probably notice, one of my drive bays does not have the plastic slide on it. Which bring up something else, with all of the extra parts included, how come an extra slide wasn't thrown in? And how would someone go about getting a replacement? Also, are the cases not inspected before they are shipped out? - I've sent an email to Kingwin support about this, but have yet to receive a reply. I'll let you know what they say if they do reply.

The remaining four 3.5” drive bays have rubber silencers to help reduce hard disk vibration thus keeping the noise down. While I love the rubber silencers, in a case that features “Complete tool-less design”, one would expect the entire case to be.. completely tool-less. Well, this simply isn't the case (pardon the pun).

Because of the plastic rails, you'll need longer screws on the left side of the bay, hence the reason that we were give “L” screws and “R” screws. ;) Though using screws in the 5.25” drive bay is optional, since they are tool-less, that is unless you are like me and didn't get all your parts. Here's how much of a difference there is between the three types of drive bay screws.

(R)5.25" - (L)5.25" - HDD

I did have some concerns that the placement of the speaker would be in the way of the lowest drive bay, however I'm happy to say that you can indeed fit four drives in lower rack. What you wont be able to do is remove the speaker from the case.


As you've seen in the images, the inside of the case has rolled edges, which is to help keep your hands, fingers, and whatever other body parts you stick in the case cut free. Despite the rolled edges, I did manage to cut myself while working inside the case. Nothing bad, but it does prove that somewhere in the case is a sharp edge. My best guess is that it happened while I was trying to remove the front fans.

One of the things I loved the most about this case was is the sliding motherboard plate. The lack of a sliding plate is one of my biggest complaints against most cases, especially my Lian Li PC-70. Since this is a small case, you'll be glad to have the slide out motherboard plate when you start adding things inside the case. It tends to get a bit cluttered in there.

One problem with a number of cases that include a sliding motherboard plate is that you have to disconnect the wires that go to the front of the case. Kingwin's case includes a quick disconnect for those wires, so you don't have to disconnect and reconnect the wires every time you slide the motherboard out. - It is also much easier to connect the front panel wires to the motherboard with it outside of the case than to try and mess with it all inside the case.

Keep in mind, that you will still have to disconnect the IDE/SATA/FDD cables as well as any power connectors or fans that are plugged into the motherboard.

Dispite some parts of the case failing the “tool-less” claim, there use of thumbscrews over a majority of the case is extreamly nice. 22 total thumbscrews were used on drive bay covers, PCI slots,the side panels, and the slide out plate.



As I've pointed out throughout the review, I had a few issues with the case and it's design. Despite my issues with this case, it's quality, style, and good looks make this a great case. At about $100 USD, the Kingwin case is right there with the Lian Li PC-60.

Right now when people ask for case recommendations, Lian Li is the brand suggested by many. If Kingwin would take what they have with this case, and improve on it, I have no doubt that they could surpass Lian Li as one of the most popular (and stylish) case manufacturers.



  • Aluminum
  • Looks Nice
  • Pre-Modded Window
  • Fans Included
  • Front USB / FireWire Ports
  • Semi-Tool-less Case
  • Quick Disconnect For Front Panel-Motherboard Wires
  • Slide Out Motherboard Plate
  • Rolled Edges
  • Filter
  • Fan Controller
  • Rubber Silencers for HDDs



  • No Power Supply Included
  • Missing Tool-less Drive Bay Slide
  • Silver Screws On Front panel
  • No Removable Drive Cages
  • System Speaker Is Not Removable
  • Front Fans Almost Impossible To Remove
  • Wasted Space On Back
  • Not “Completely Tool-less” Despite Product Claim
  • No Indention On Sides To Help With Panel Removal
  • Checkerboard / Plastic Strip On Top Of Front Bezel
  • Even With Rolled Edges I Was Cut Inside The Case


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  2. A Closer Look
  3. A Closer Look Contenued
  4. Closer Look Contenued & Conclusion
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