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Kingwin KT-424-BK-WM Mid Tower Aluminum Case Review


A Closer Look

When I first unpacked the KT-424-BK-WM Case out of the box, I thought I was looking at a Lian Li case.

The majority case is made out of black, brushed aluminum, and absolutely looks great. On the top of the front bezel is a plastic checkered strip. Look failure to anyone? It is extreamly similar to the strip found on Lian Li cases. I hate the look of that plastic strip on my Lian Li case, and to be honest I still don't care much for it, even on a black case. - The 2nd image below shows the Lian Li strip from my PC-70 (top strip) and the strip from the Kingwin case (bottom strip).

The plastic strips on the top and bottom of the front bezel (the one on the bottom is sold black, BTW) are held on with silver screws. While it's no big deal, black painted screws would have looked much better here.

Moving to the front bezel itself, we have a very nice and clean look here. Below the two 3.25” drive bays is a section of black perforated (a.k.a. mesh) aluminum. As you probably guessed, the mesh area is where the front fans are located.

Located beside the mesh and behind a clear plastic door are two USB ports and one fire wire port. Handy for pen drives and digital cameras. :)

Directly above the USB and fire wire ports, and beside the 3.25” drive bays we find the power and reset buttons, along with the power and HDD activity LEDs.

The front bezel itself is held on the the rest of the case via four plastic clips located in each corner.

Removing the front bezel reveals a filter for the fans, as well as a fan speed controller. Both are very nice features to have in any case.

The left side of the case has a pre-modded window in it, which is beveled and gives it a nice look.


Rather than using rivets to attach the window like some companies do, Kingwin has the window mounted using a hex screw and bolt. This not only looks nice, but is great in that it gives you the ability to easily remove the window should you ever want or need to.

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