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Kingston HyperX KHX1600C8D3K2/4GX 2x2GB Review

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Shocking! I think this has to be the one set of memory that has overclocked furthest above its rated speed that I have ever tested. After making sure there was no typo on the modules and/or packaging, I was simply stunned. This set of HyperX memory from Kingston is rated to operate at DDR3-1600MHz speeds with a cas latency of 8. No problem, right? Well no, it's not, and it should run right at its rated specifications of 8-8-8-20 with ease. Not only did they do this, but they also did 6-7-6-18 at 1600MHz. Pretty nice in its own right from a set of modules that are currently selling for just $103! As Billy Mays always said, "but wait... there's more!" Much more in fact. At the rated timings and voltage, these modules scale all the way to 2000MHz without so much as an increase in voltage. To get above 2030MHz, I had to bump the cas latency and TRCD to 9. This took me all the way to 2180MHz, 580MHz (290MHz) over the rated speeds, all without the help of massive voltage increases. At this point, I was left speechless! Kingston has come a long way from the times when I could do no better than 2MHz over the rated speed on some DDR 400 HyperX modules that currently reside in a system build for a family member years ago. If this sounds like gushing, it really isn't; Its just appreciation for a set of modules that exceeded my expectations on all counts. When you look to move to a Lynnfield-based system, these modules rock and should be on your short list, regardless of what your favorite brand of memory is. If all these sets perform like this one did, you won't be disappointed!



  • Massive overclocking
  • Good looks
  • Performance
  • Can run tighter timings
  • Price 



  • None


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