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Kingston Hyper X PC3 12800 Cl9 6GB Review

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The Kingston modules showed comparable performance to modules that are rated similarly when run at the rated timings and speeds without overclocking the CPU to gain an advantage. Really that is the expectation here. What was not expected was that the fact that the modules overclocked stably within a few MHz of 2000MHz with the just over the rated voltage and slightly tighter timings. 987MHz (DDR3 1974MHz) to be exact. 2000MHz just would not happen on my test platform. In my book those are pretty stellar results. Whats even better though is the performance can be improved upon by tightening up the timings to 8-8-8 without bumping the voltage and running the modules from the stock 1600MHz all the way up to 1884MHz with these timings. Above that the Cas latency had to move up to 9 for stability. That is a great performance from a set of modules that currently retails for less that 150 dollars. Currently $131 at popular online retailer Newegg. The T1 heatspreaders do the job they were designed to do and kept the modules cool even without the use of the HyperX Fan. The HyperX Fan just adds that additional bit of insurance and bling when you decide to push the voltage to the modules, something that really was not needed on this set. It's there for you if you need it though. The only issue I had with the fan and modules was that with large heatsinks and thick fans you may run into clearance issues depending on the orientation of the CPU and DIMM sockets. The Kingston HyperX PC312800 3x2GB kit delivers good looks and functionality coupled with excellent overclocking and performance that can be improved upon by tightening the timings all for a price that is quite reasonable for a kit of this ability.



  • Excellent overclocking
  • Latencies can be tightened up
  • T1 heatspreaders
  • HyperX Fan
  • Price
  • Cool running without fan



  • Fan may be a tight fit
  • 38mm fans come close to the modules


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