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Kingston Hyper X PC3 12800 Cl9 6GB Review

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Closer Look:

Included with this set of HyperX memory was what Kingston calls their HyperX Fan! This assembly will come in handy when pushing the clock speeds and voltages on the HyperX modules or any memory for that matter. The fan assembly is well packaged and is lined with both foam and bubble wrap to make sure the pieces come to the end user without any damage. There is a manual included, but the installation and mounting is pretty straight forward.


















Once you pull all of the pieces out of the box you can see roughly how the assembly should be put together. It includes the top that houses the two 60mm LED fans and sleeved 3 pin power connection, the legs and the screws used to secure the legs to the fan assembly and at the same time mounting to the DIMM slots. The fans are mounted to an aluminum plate that slides out of the main enclosure so fan replacement is no problem. I could not find any information on the fans but they have a clear frame and blue LED's.




To get the HyperX Fan mounted there really is not a whole lot that needs to be done. The legs slide into the fan enclosure and the thumb screws attach the two together. First install the HyperX modules in the correct DIMM slots for your application and then you are ready to install the fan assembly. The legs are shaped to lock in place over the DIMM retention brackets and holds the assembly over the modules when the thumb screws are tightened. Plug in the fans and the HyperX fan is ready for use. Last but not least is a picture of the whole package installed on the test motherboard.




The only issue I could see with using the HyperX Fan, is that with large heatsinks the assembly may get in the way of the cooling fan. Especially if you use 38mm fans on your heatsink. With the heatsink in both possible mounting locations there is a slight amount of interference but the HyperX fan can be slid further out to accommodate.



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