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Jackson Armor Card v10.5 Review


With Jackson's guaranteed satisfaction and all of the fancy specifications, it comes down to how it actually performs. Let's find out:

To test if the card would actually protect from any changes made, I decided to back my important files up, just in case, then start deleting and uninstalling random software. I erased all my important files, emptied the Recycle Bin, uninstalled my favorite games, and installed some new programs. Being satisfied with the total mess I have made, I proceeded to reboot. After windows finished loading, everything was untouched and was as good as new! I found this quite amazing, since it only takes such a small card to do all of this.

I even gave f-disk a shot in a final attempt to find a weakness in the card, but it just wouldn't give in. This is the ultimate solution for anybody who wants to keep a freshly formatted feel to their PC at all times.

The next step was to test if the card didn't actually slow the PC down as specified. The Windows XP boot up time seemed about the same, but I wanted to be completely sure. I chose the PCMark04 HDD test suite for this. I benched the computer without the armor card, and with it installed. The hard drive this was tested on was a SATA Western Digital 80GB. A few minutes later the results were in:

It was a bit disappointing that in fact it did slow the PC down a bit, but it's nothing major; the average user would not notice these speed differences just by everyday use.

The only real downside to this card I found that could get quite annoying is making software changes on a protected partition. Most home users always alter things, and the card would revert all those changes to the set image, unless it was used in 'Open Mode'. However, with multiple partitions, this isn't much of a problem since the Armor Card would protect the operating system or selected partitions, allowing the changes to be done to the unprotected partitions.

For something so small, it's quite spectacular how useful the Jackson Armor Card (v10.5) can prove to be. It passed all the tests I threw at it in terms of data backup. A downside was that it slowed the PC down a tiny bit according to the benchmarks, but I did not notice a speed decline during regular use. I think that overall, Jackson Backup has lived up to their promises. They came up with a truly unique solution that could signal the end of spy ware, viruses, and unwanted operations. I would recommend this product to anyone ranging from the average home user, all the way to public libraries and school networks.


  • Easy installation and use
  • Excellent data protection
  • Compatible with almost any PC out there
  • Can reduce system down time
  • Data restore by a simple reboot
  • Does not rely on software to function, making it extremely safe
  • CMOS backup and protection


  • Slows system down a tiny bit
  • Instructions could be more complete
  • Having to make wanted software changes in "Open Mode"

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Installation
  3. Installation contenued
  4. Features & Specifications
  5. Testing
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