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Jackson Armor Card v10.5 Review


The next window showed 4 options: 'General Settings', 'Advanced Settings', 'Network Clone' and 'About Us'.

General Settings

This allows you to select the partition you want to protect with the Armor Card, and the method preferred. 'Recovery Mode' reverts all changes done to the partition upon reboot, or at an interval of up to 99 days. Zero days being default, this recovers the data on every reboot. With 'Keep Mode' selected, the data is restored when the user presses Ctrl+R at the Armor Card administration screen (this requires a password). 'Open Mode' does not recover the data unless this is changed to one of the other two options. There is also an 'Uninstall' option located here.

Advanced Settings

This menu allows you to change the administrator password, display or hide a startup picture indicating that you have a set number of seconds (default is set to 3 seconds) to make any changes to the card's parameters before loading the operating system. An option to back up CMOS data is also included. Enthusiasts might find this quite useful, backing up their BIOS tweaks after getting their system completely stable.

Network Clon

The network clone functions (with the non-networking 10.5 card) require the Armor Networking Card v6 as the admin card for this to work. This feature is useful for copying the sender's hard drive image data to all of its network clone receivers. This could be very welcome in an office environment or for public networks such as an Internet caf'. Maintenance is made a lot easier through this.

About Us

This provides the manufacturer's web site and email address, as well as indicates the amount of free space on the card's 8GB buffer. After every reboot, the Armor Card's prompt appeared for 3 seconds, which could be paused via space bar, or using the hotkeys to change settings.

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