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Abit IP35 Pro Socket 775 Motherboard

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Closer Look:

The BIOS on the Pro version of the motherboard is slightly different from it's simpler-featured brethren. The main difference is that in this version the Uguru utility, instead of Abit Softmenu, is featured to adjust the system settings. Since the Uguru section is where we enthusiasts will spend the most time with this board that is the section I will focus on.

The main BIOS page shows all of the areas for proper system setup. The main area of concern for the enthusiast will be both the Uguru utility and "Advanced Chipset" sections. The CPU settings can be left at factory defaults or can be set by the end user. Abit has been thoughtful enough to give a 6 mhz overclock by default.



The adjustment range for the CPU FSB is 133 to 600. The CPU clock multiplier can be adjusted from 6x to the default max for the processor being used, which in this case 10x on my E6700.


The system memory can be run at predefined ratios from 1:1 to 1:2, allowing some flexibility to the overclocking possibilities. The PCI-E bus can be adjusted from 100 to 200mhz to help maximize the performance of devices such as video cards.


The IP35 Pro has enough voltage options to satisfy all but the most extreme enthusiasts. With CPU vcore voltages up to 1.895v and memory up to 3.00 volts, the the issue of not being able to feed your components the power they need will not become a problem.


The "Advanced Chipset" features page allows for the adjustment of your system memory's primary and secondary timings. They can be left at default or manually adjusted. The latest BIOS allow for the adjustment of the command rate to either 1T or 2T.

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