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In Win Metal Suit GD Review

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If you are looking for a very sleek looking computer case for your next build or to replace your aging case, the In Win Metal Suit GD could very well be the answer. The Metal Suit GD has a very simplistic design when it comes to the exterior of the case, there aren't many features on the outside and it flows together very well. I especially liked the the side air intake idea, however it did not prove to work as well as one may have hoped. The front door of the case lights up blue, which is a nice feature, though some may not think so. Fortunately, all you would have to do is disconnect the power wires if you did not like it. The case gets a good boost by the tool-less features that it harbors inside of itself. Not only does it have the tool-less expansion slots, but it also has tool-less 5.25" and 3.5" drive bays. The front door does look very futuristic, however it seems to be too large for my tastes. If it could have been flattened down a little, it would have been better. The fans that came with the case were very interesting looking as they were a very bright yellow and they were silent; however, the temperatures of the components inside of the case were slightly higher at some times than most of the other cases that it was compared against. Overall, I liked the case, it looked good and depending on what case you had previously, it could be better than what you currently have. I have a feeling that if some of the fans were swapped out, the temperatures could have gone down a little. I would recommend this case to someone who is looking for a sleek looking case, as long as space and temperatures are not a major factor in the build.



  • Simplistic design
  • Tool-less features
  • Low noise fans
  • Sleek and clean overall design
  • Blue LED on the front door



  • Slightly higher temperatures
  • Large front door



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  5. Testing
  6. Conclusion
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