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IN WIN Maelstrom Review

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The IN WIN Maelstrom lived up to its expectations and performed quite well in the live testing. Its large size and hefty amount of airflow right out of the box from the factory proved that fans do make a difference, though they may remain slightly audible. The case is very solid and sturdy, has a conveniently placed I/O and button panel, and is one of my favorite cases out of the ones that I've tested. I am disappointed with IN WIN with the major mishap on the placement of the motherboard access hole, as it is useless for the motherboard I used, and probably for most other x58 boards! I was very surprised when I realized this, and it was a huge deal breaker for me. Most of the air coolers that I use require access to the rear of the motherboard, so if I wanted to change out the heatsink for a bolt-on, the entire motherboard would still have to be removed. I also hope that IN WIN soon allows its toolless hard drive mechanisms to fully lock when facing the hard drives backward in order to lessen the amount of visible wires. With those two problems fixed, I think the Maelstrom moves higher up onto the must have list. Those problems aside, however, the Maelstrom is a very well-built case, runs cool, and features a rugged military style look.



  • Large form factor allows for lots of hardware
  • Included fans work well
  • Toggle switch for the blue LED fan on the side panel
  • Both side panels lined with sound-dampening foam
  • Good airflow
  • Painted inside
  • Toolless drive retention



  • Rear motherboard access hole does not work for all motherboards
  • Toolless hard drive mechanisms do not lock in if hard drive is installed rear-facing


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