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Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9770 Review

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The Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9770 is easily, hands down, the quickest and fastest processor we have ever tested here at OCC. With the ability to scale well above 4.0GHz speeds, the performance is just amazing. The performance provided by the QX9770 at stock speeds just blew away the Q6600 and even out performed the QX9650 comparison processor. Whether you overclock or not is a personal decision. Stock performance is great, but the potential performance left on the table is huge. I was able to push the frontside bus of this particular QX9770 to 475 FSB for a nice performance boost. A high frontside bus is not needed with a processor that sports an unlocked multiplier. Maximum speed can be obtained with just a change to the multiplier; adjust it up or down to suit your performance needs.

The Intel QX9770 was introduced to the world on the day AMD launched its Phenom processors and "Spider" platform. Tests have shown that the Intel Extreme line maintains its dominance over the latest offerings from AMD. The performance disparity between the two is, to coin a phrase, "Phenomenal."

The one downside to the QX9770 is the cost of entry into the world of Extreme processor power. Rumored to be on the high side of $1,300, that e-ticket rig will cost just a bit more than originally envisioned. But for those with deep enough pockets or the undying urge to have the best on the market, the Intel QX9770 is there ready, willing and able to give the performance we as enthusiasts demand.

The reason that I chose an editors chioce award for this CPU is for one simple reason, Power! It has it in spades. The Intel QX9770 "IS" the fastest thing going "Today" hands down. That performance does come with a price, but in my eyes its worth it!



  • Blazing fast performance
  • Overclocking head room
  • 12MB of L2 cache
  • 400 frontside bus



  • Price; you need to be Extreme to get one


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