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Intel Third Generation Core i7 3770K Review

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Civilization V is a turn-based strategy game. The premise is to play as one of 18 civilizations and lead it from the "dawn of man" up to the space age. This is the latest iteration in the Civilization series, which uses a new game engine and brings massive changes to the AI behaviour. Released for Windows in September of 2010, Civilization V was developed by Firaxis Games and published by 2K Games. Testing will be done using actual gameplay, with FPS measured by Fraps through a series of five turns, 199-205 turns into the game.


  • In-game settings to High
  • 4x AA
  • 16x AF
  • Fraps-measured game play














Higher = Better


In this game, performance deltas between the 2600K and Core i7 3770K are between 0 and 2 FPS at stock speeds. A higher overclock nets more performance, as seen by the Core i7 2600 and 3820 5 GHz overclocked results.

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