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Intel Core I7 Review

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Sciencemark tests real world performance instead of using synthetic benchmarks. For this test, we ran the benchmark suite and will use the overall score for comparison.


















Higher is Better!


Cinebench is useful for testing your system, CPU and OpenGL capabilities using the software program CINEMA 4D. We will be using the default tests for this benchmark.


Higher is Better


HD Tune measures disk performance to make comparisons between drives or disk controllers.


Higher is Better



Lower is Better


The results in Sciencemark show that given identical clock speeds the I7 does more "work," resulting in a higher score. Cinebench has the X1 CPU scores following the clock speed scale, when running the multi thread test the Nehalem CPUs just pull away. Even the I7 920 is faster than the QX9770 here. The HDTune results show that the upside to having an SSD drive for your OS results in higher average read speeds and a reduced access time . This is at the cost of higher CPU usage. The access time for the Intel SSD drive was .1 seconds in outr testing and does not show accurately so it is mentioned here.


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