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Intel 7th Generation Core i7 7700K Processor Review

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Intel 7th Generation Core i7 7700K Processor Conclusion:

With very few exceptions, I have to say I am impressed with what Intel has brought to the table with the 7th Generation Core i7 7700K quad core processor. If the rest of the product stack performs as well, Intel should be set up for this generation. The elephant in the room is how AMD counters with its latest that is surely on the way soon. Only time will tell. As a step up in performance, the 7700K offers a measurable increase in performance across the board. It's not massive, but indeed is measurable. In just about every benchmark, the Core i7 7700K performed higher than the Core i7 6700K by comparison. With a higher Turbo Boost 2.0 clock speed, it should deliver that next level of performance. What I did see, however, were some instances where the previous generations were every bit as efficient, but those results are by far in the minority.

As an overclocking enabled Core series processor, the i7 7700K does indeed have some overclocking chops. A baseline 4.2GHz clock speed is pretty solid for the average person, but running at close to 5GHz is really stellar. The last processor I had that came anywhere close with reasonable voltages applied was a 2600K. Now, getting anywhere close over the past few generations of Intel processors was fraught with temperatures that could not be contained with anything less than a full-on water cooling system under load when you started cranking on the voltage. I was surprised, pleasantly at this point, that even running at 5GHz was possible with an AIO cooling solution. I was able to keep this processor at 4950MHz under a Prime95 load for hours without hitting temperatures that would throttle the processor speed. By using 1.36v applied in the BIOS, and tuning the rest of the voltage manually, the maximum temperature I hit was 94 °C with an AIO. Now, you can always tune for higher speeds by using the AVX offset in the BIOS, but I am happy with where this chip went. The performance and overclocking capabilities of Kaby Lake are a refreshing change of pace from the hot running chips of previous generations.

As Optane Memory is released in the near future, we can look forward to adding a tool to further improve system performance and responsiveness. Intel is loading up on hardware level security, as the world becomes a place where we see an ever increasing amount of data compromised almost daily.

For $339, or $10 less than the 6th Generation 6700K initially sold for, the 7700K offers a great reason to step up to Intel's 7th Generation hardware. It's a high performance piece that can stand on its own.



  • Performance
  • Overclocking
  • New Security feature set
  • Optane Memory ready
  • Z270 chipset



  • Pricing
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