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Intel 6th Generation Core i7 6700K Review

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Intel 6th Generation Core i7 6700K Testing:

Recently we were able to see how Intel delivered a massive improvement to its desktop IGP product stack with the Iris Pro 6200 graphics core inside the 5th Generation Core i7 5775C. Where the Core i7 5775C got the premiere integrated graphics solution, Skylake gets Intel's HD Graphics 530-based upon that Broadwell GT3 core. Much is similar when you take a look at the specifications in GPUz. The shader count, ROPs, TMUs, and even rated clock speeds look the same. The key is how well it performs.

Below, we get a look at just what the key hardware differences are. Let's take a quick look at what kind of performance margin this translates to.


SiSoft Sandra:

First up will be several tests in SiSoft Sandra's suite of tools. The first benchmark is the Video Shader Compute where I will measure using the aggregate result, followed by the Media Video / Audio Transcode test where I will use the Video Transcoding bandwith result.




For this test I ran the stock Cloud Gate test and measured the result and associated physics score. This DirectX 11 test is designed to measure the performance of mobile as well as lower end graphics solutions. This would include the performance of the integrated solution incorporated into the Core i7 4790K and Core i7 5775C. 




For my gaming tests, I will use a couple staples of my video card suite of games: Metro: Last Light and Batman: Arkham Origins. Each game will run through the benchmark tool for consistency using lower end settings. For Metro: Last Light, I will run in DX11 mode at a resolution of 1680 x 1050, Quality at Low, and Texture filtering at AF 4X, with Low Motion Blur, and Tesselation set to off. In Batman I will set Antialiasing to FXAA High and all other settings to off. With these settings, the integrated HD 4600 graphics struggled to deliver a playable frame rate, while the Iris Pro Graphics got the job done.



What I see with the HD 530 graphics engine on the Core i7 6700K is that Intel takes a step forward again with its IGP performance. You do not get the massive increase seen with the Iris Pro series graphics, but there is a measurable up tick in IGP performance over the HD 4600 graphics used on the Haswell processors.

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